5.200 - Improved Augmented Reality and Visualization

View your model in Augmented Reality with the gorgeous materials and textures from Visualization

  • Improved: The adaptive menu that appears on the side screen when a selection is active is now optimized to let you change between tools without the need to reselect the items.
  • Improved: Get better visibility of sketches behind bodies when sketching with non-normal camera angles.

Improvement for iPad and Mac only:

  • Improved: Export USDZ files for Augmented Reality with material and texture data.

Improvement for iPad only:

  • Improved: You can now preview your model in Augmented Reality with materials from Visualization.

New for Windows:

  • New: Visualization is now available on Windows. Create life-like models choosing from a huge selection of colors and materials.
  • Improved: The adaptive menu that appears on the side screen when a selection is active is now optimized to let you change between tools without the need to reselect the items.


Thank you ! :wink:

And a litle tip for everyone. USDZ export from shapr3d now works in Procreate ! Seems like the mapping issue is fixed in 5.200 with added materials.

So now you can add logos or draw by hand on your Shapr3D usdz model :wink:


Wow this is exciting! Even the materials viewing inside Visualisations improvements are excellent. Thanks so much for this.

I’ll try the export to Procreate later.

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Hi Vassi. How did you get it to work in ProCreate? I tried with an exported model and got an error message. Then I made a quick and rough new item with several materials added and got the same error.

This was the simple object I had made for the test.

Have shadows been improved in Visualisations? Maybe I’m imagining it but they seem cleaner and sharper than previously.

Did you add materials to all parts?

I got the same issue on one of my export. I checked the used materials on the side in visualisation and I had still had one part in default material. It worked after I changed it.
Try changing it to metal or plastic.

I have only tried two of my models though.

That was it Vassi, thanks. It’s working now :+1:



ProCreate does not generate UV coordinates automatically. This means that Shapr models that don’t have a textured material cannot be imported into ProCreate. As a workaround, you can change your material assignment to any other textured Shapr material and you’ll be able to draw on them with ProCreate.

Feel free to open a support ticket for ProCreate, as they should be able to fix this and generate the UV coordinates (e.g. Adobe Substance offers this when the model is loaded).

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This is AR update is fantastic!


Thanks Laci :+1:

As I understand the CEO said that changes are supposed to run on par between Ipad and Windows. When will this come in to affect.

Hi, is there any instruction how to convert shapr3d drawings to usdz animation model like this? I need to convert my drawing into a showcase like this

Add materials in shapr3d and export as USDZ.

Download apple`s Reality Composer app…
It is quite a simple app and easy to learn. It´s a no code application.
There are plenty of tutorials on youtube for it.
F.example this one:

Just a few pointers:
To drop in photos: Have the photos app in a slideover and drag and drop

Important: It uses the shapr3Ds origin as pivot point . So if you want to spin an object around it senter you will need to export the model with the origin in the senter of the model.

Other apps to check out is JigSpace and Adobe Aero


I’ve used JigSpace, but I might try the Apple one as it looks easier and quicker to use.

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Hey @Laci_K,

As you know (I guess you do, at least), I create my materials with canvases provided by Unreal Engine 5 and NVIDIA vMaterials (I’m not affiliated with, so don’t flag me for advertising, hahaha),
and I’m just chiming in to thank you all for the AR update. Wowed. Jaw. Dropped.

Shapr3D is now (though I still gotta sharpen my skills, get “rid” of old-clunky-bulky macros, etc.) my main CAD engine, and it blends fantastically with UE5 and vMaterials, plus it’s Omniverse-friendly…

I hope I’m not doing anything wrong by adding my stuff and using “developer tricks”!
Thanks to the community for sharing ideas, creations, and other things, especially in AR!
You’re all truly amazing folks.

The wait was unbearable but worth it!


@Stephen They’re a lot better indeed, but for some reason unknown, they are not of equal quality depending on the materials used. At least, on my side.