5.410 - Base plane selection

This release brings a small, but important improvement to the 3D modeling tool workflow, while we finalize some details on big changes coming in the next release.

  • New: You can now select the XY-YZ-ZX base planes a lot easier when starting a sketch, adding a construction plane, mirroring objects, or performing other operations that support using a planar face.

Stay tuned for some big changes to Shapr3D in the next release.


Adding a surface tool is even more perfect



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Guys, cool, but please slow down your videos or pause for a few seconds between each tool or option you select. I had to re watch that short xyz plane video about 5 times to make out which selections were being made. This issue is alas common on many Youtube videos where vloggers race through tutorials forcing one to keep rewinding, a massive time sync. Anyway, great app and well done with such a speedy upgrade path.

I really appreciate how you display updates in use. Not only does it save time for us, the consumer, but it also ensures everyone understands the new updates. Please continue displaying future changes/tools/imrpovements visually! :slight_smile:

Clicking object, moving cursor to left side to the tools or right side to the planes is fine on an iPad and small laptop displays as per this GIF.

I’m sure Shapr3D teams are aware this arrangement isn’t suited to ultra wide curved displays.

On a 1 metre wide display, the user could be moving the cursor about 50cm to toolbars each time.

An Ultrawide configuration would be nice, so that there’s a setting or a hotkey to popup any of the toolbars to either side of the cursor, in response to whatever the user is doing, so that the users focus is maintained where the action is.

Window titlebar/tool bar icons would ideally be centre justified.

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Did you try Command search, hotkeys, and secondary click context menus? These are all made mostly to address the issue you mentioned.

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but is it just me or are the models more isometric than they used to be in previous versions. Everything just looks odd to me now and having issues trying to believe that things are square……

Also recall dropping into sketch mode to flatten everything to ensure somethings were lining up in previous versions.

You can adjust the perspective at the Appearance tab. Mine is at 45%. Default is either 45% or 50%, not sure.


Thankyou kindly … somehow mine had gotten set to 0. I had forgotten that that tab existed and was behind that icon.