5.550 - Custom-angled base views

Communicate your drawings more effectively with these new updates to 2D Drawings.

  • New: Now you can add custom-angled base views for your 2D drawings with the new custom base view option, reducing drawing creation time for multipart designs.

  • Improved: Update reference bodies much more quickly in 2D Drawings with the new “Bodies…” option when you add a new base view.

Update Shap3D now to try these changes and let us know what you think.


How long until it’s available on windows? I use my iPad to draw, then my pc to export. I updated the iPad without thinking about the incompatibility. Now I’m unable to export.

It’s already available on Windows. We release every feature on every platform at the same time.

Is there another place to download? It’s not showing up in the Microsoft store app.

Hey @Msmetalmagic,

You can also download it from our website. Please see the updating methods in the article below:
How to Update Shapr3D.

I done that and it warned me of losing data and suggested I delete the newest installer. So I did. But I uninstalled and reinstalled from Microsoft store and that fixed my issue.