5.541 beta problems importing .step files

Note, this problem is not in production version 5.541.

Downloading simple nuts and screws .step files from McMaster-Carr. These fail when importing to Shapr3d beta, but import OK into non parametric version. I tried several different screws/nuts; all the same.

Hey @Bob3DPO,
Could you please provide the build number of Shapr3D (the four digits following the version number) along with some of the models you’re having trouble with?

Hi Peter, thanks for looking into this.

Beta: 5.541.0.6375 #3a5ed5e1

90592A090_Steel Hex Nut.STEP (345.0 KB)
94178A112_JIS Medium-Strength Class 8 Steel Hex Nut.STEP (231.3 KB)
90843A270_Cleaned-and-Bagged 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw.STEP (801.8 KB)
91290A140_Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw.STEP (349.3 KB)

Thanks, I could successfully import them in the same version. Could you provide some insights into your import process?

For instance, on the iPad, we often encounter issues where the Files app doesn’t correctly transfer files. Additionally, on Windows, the different levels of read and write permissions can make the process somewhat challenging.

Sure. I’m on iPad. After downloading, I tried importing. Got the error in screenshot. Tried a different file from McMaster-Carr. Same behavior. I closed Shapr3d beta and rebooted iPad. Tried again, same problem. I opened production version, was able to import, no problem. Tried again on beta, again, the same problem. I exported x_t from production, imported fine to beta so I continued to work.
iPadOS 17.3.1 (21D61)

My import process is to add to existing project. I use keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-I (both in beta and production)

I do not see the problem with 5.550.0.6431 #aa67d7ef beta.