Offset and snap doesn’t works properly

It’s difficult to explain this problem, I made a video to show it better, how can I send you?
Basically, I draw a shape starting on a grid point, setting the values of the single lines. Than I make an offset of it, in my case of 3mm and the result is that in some points I have a value of 3.0001. How can I fix it? I’ts already more than a year I’m using shapr3d and I never had this problem.
How can I send you the video?


@NiKinG91 - this is (I think) a known bug. Glad (but not really) to see I am not the only one experiencing this. I have been detailing this and working with support on this for about two weeks now. It first appeared to the best of my recollection in 5.180, and is present also in 5.190, and 5.192.

See my thread - .9999 problems cropping up

It can manifest as .0001, or .9999, and I have had it do 0.9998 and 0.0002 a few times as well. I just finished sending in a screencast and a problem project to support, so here’s to hoping there will be a fix soon. Try drawing a few concentric circles. That will do it, too, on mine. The first circle is fine, but the following tend to all end in .9999 if it snaps.

We are working on a fix, and will release it asap.

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Thanks Istvan,

Glad to have answer from you. I use shapr3d for work and it’s very important to me this application.

Attached I send the video I’ve make yesterday.

Kind regards,


Sorry here attached the video