A cut-out design

I’m still learning a lot with this program but it’s fun.

I’m essentially designing a box and want to add in a part that can be ‘punched out’ if it’s used. Like a port on a circuit board that may or not be used. Specifically things like a USB port that may or may not be used, depending on configuration of parts inside…

I can easily create a single row of extruded sections but when I was looking at trying to copy those and move them down a bit, I could find no way to do it.

Creating each hole is possible but severely time consuming.

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Here’s a way to make some cut-outs.


Thanks! I knew I was missing something simple! Although I note that only works with round holes? A square whole didn’t seem to be selectable. In that case, it seems I would just draw the squares, copy/rotate and then extrude them all at once after.

It works with any shape. You just need to select all the appropriate interior surfaces so you can cleanly copy-move.

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AH, you have to select 4 walls and 4 interior edges.

Hey Shapr3d, I have a suggestion for you, please make that easier. Trying to select an interior corner isn’t terribly precise. So we have to click 10+ times to do what only takes one one click on round holes.

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There’s always another way :slightly_smiling_face:


It helps to know your intended manufacture process. Are you stamping sheet metal, 3D printing, laser cutting, injection molding?

These are very important considerations for “Manufacturability”. Several different approaches can be used for each process.

Other factors like water/ dust proof, etc.