Adding text?

Am I still correct in assuming there is not a way to add text?

I noticed questions on this topic dating back to the year 2016. So, here we are 4 years later, and we are still being asked to work around the fact that there is not a way to add text?

I just started using the app and this is a huge limitation. There is no way I can feel good about paying for an advanced version of the app when i can not do all the things i need to with it.

You are correct. I only found this out after subscribing for a year and it’s really troubling. You can either trace an image of the text you want, or someone on the form has a shapr file with text already drawn you can use. But supporting this feature is long over due.

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Hi Aly, the text feature comes tops on our road, at the moment there is no ETA for when it will be deployed.
Here’s where to download the alphabets workspace created by a user that can be imported into your design, and then you can project any letter to your design using the Project tool: