Any feature ideas?


We will consider it. But wouldn’t it be hard to use the smart keyboard and the pencil at the same time?


Hi Istvan

A couple of quick thoughts. I don’t know if it’s just me, but during transform operations, the first pop up gives angle and copy, but if you don’t click copy before the numeric keypad pops up when you click on the angle box, there is no way to choose it or go back before the operation is completed and then I have to go back through the steps again. Is there a way for the copy/no copy to accompany the numeric keypad? Again, it might just be my issue.

Love the new measurements that show all the dimensions of the sketching. Is there any way to do this with the solid models and possibly have a way of choosing individually the parts of the scene to show dimensions. I’d love to be able to show a view and to be able to see/show dimensions.




The transform flow is far from ideal, and this is one of the things that we are working on right now, revisit every tool, including the transform tools, and tweak all of them, making them consistent, etc.

Could be, maybe, but it would be very confusing as you would not be able to set those measurements, unlike on the sketches. But we will figure out something for that later.


Hi, I am really enjoying the app, and I’ll contribute more suggestions later.
For now, I’m annoyed by a few constraints:

A) Whenever exporting a workspace into another application or the ICloud, I am forced to name the workspace “export.(etc.)” and I see no way in order to rename this.

B) We are unable to name our workspaces at all?

C) The import feature is limited to ICloud, and even through I prefer to save things into my Evernote account so that I can document my process, I can not easily import such a file from a note in Evernote. So, I have to save in two locations, Evernote and ICloud. It would be nice if I could import from any source.

D) When saving a workspace via export, this feature does not save or give the option of saving the previous steps of the project. For much of my experimental work, I need to go back and forth between earlier versions that may overlap with a previous version, but instead, I have to go back just before, and redo previous modifications. It would simply be easier if there was an option to include the previous steps of a workspace within the export or saving of the workspace.

Thank you.


Hi there!

Currently you can’t rename them.

Currently no.

Actually you can use any cloud service that integrates with iOS. Not sure about Evernote, but I am sure it should work as well. There is a button on the import dialog that lets you switch between different cloud providers. That is the default file selection dialog in iOS, so if the Evernote developers did a good job, you should be able to select Evernote as well.

Undo history is not saved in your workspaces. This means that if you quit the app you will loose your undo history (not only when you export it). But very soon we will add a feature that will let you modify your designs without having the history at all. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:



I am really enjoying app, really great work guys . I am still testing app , but for now I would like to have TRIM feature. Also, we need tangent constraint.

Thank you.


Trim curves? With the auto fill functionality you would rarely need it. Auto fill is extremely powerful, and we are working on a tutorial to explain it better. Anyway, you can expect improvements in the 2d sketching.

You can make two curves tangent by setting the angle between them to 180 degrees :slight_smile:


New Feature:

Align(examine picture)


New Feature:

Translate Center (Object, Shape, Line)
Align Center

This feature is necessary when it is desirable to align one shape, or line, with the center most point of another shape, object or line. Presently, there is no way of detecting the center point.


Hei, thank you for reply.

Is it possible to have tangent between line and circle like on the image 1?

Also, want to trim part of circle between two lines ( image two ) ?

Thank you.


New Feature: Two finger pivot / finger + pencil(rotator)

I find myself consistantly wanting to pivot around a particular point on the screen by placing one finger on the screen(pivot point) and using an other finger to rotate around this axis.


No, you can’t make the circle and the line tangent like that.

Also, you can’t trim the circle, but you don’t really need to do that, because if you select multiple sketch fillings to extrude/revolve/etc. they will be fused automatically.


Sounds like a good idea, we will look into this.


Not a feature in itself, more an observation on the licensing. I’m a one man furniture maker, and the licence for the pro version is enough to make me stop and think twice. IS there a way to provide a full licence on a trial basis? Say for 30 days or similar?
I need to be reassured that I can generate working drawings and cutting lists from models that can be printed and used in the workshop, and the learning curve on detailing joints is a bit steep when limited to 3 workspaces.


All the features of Shapr3D are free, except some export types and having more than 3 workspaces. I think that is even better than a free trial, isn’t it? :slight_smile: or what pro feature would you like to try?
Also, you can always upgrade from the monthly subscription to the yearly.


What about to be able to add or remove point/s on a line, and to split a line?




You will be surprised very soon :slight_smile:


Yes, these are planned improvements.


Cool. Thank u all!

Here is an other…