Any feature ideas?


Yes, that could be an option in the boolean tools.


STL, OBJ, or any regular mesh files editing options, critical


Better options for constraining arcs. Like lock down center point, limit angle subtended, or even make tangent. Though there’s a tutorial on rounding off the corner to a box, the software is “too smart” to make that reliable. The arc will suddenly pop out of the corner, flipping from 90 deg to a 270 arc and then resisting all attempts to stuff it back in place. I can think of several ways an arc could be defined without the singularity and two points and a radius is not one of them.


Better save/load options. Like a way to separate my drawing into several files then loading them together later. A better way to save versions than exporting. Or even just a way to name the export file.


A recent update was released, but I haven’t noticed anything different in the description or in the performance of the app. Likewise, as simple as this Boolean option is to add to the program, it has not been included. When will you be able to do this? I have had to stop my on going project for the design of an invention, because of this feature remaining inaccessible.

When I finalize subtraction, I need an option to keep my “subtracted object” in place so that I can merge it with a different object and create a socket clip. Please, try to include this in the next update. Thank you.


The next release will include new constraints (symmetry, tangent), trimming of curves, and an option to select the boolean operation when extruding (new object, cut, intersect, unite). After that we might going to be able to do that. But actually you can easily move and copy the object with a two taps, and than subtract the original and move the copied back to place. Wouldn’t that work for you?


Ah, that’s really good then. It’s not too obvious that the only thing extra in the Pro version is multiple workspaces. The USP is then that you can try the whole thing and know exactly what you get.



Actually some of the export file formats (thus compatibility with other CAD) are also part of the Pro version. But yes, all the modeling features are free.


When are we going to get the ability to bring in images/pdfs etc. as a background layer so I can draw on top of it? I cannot use this product until this is available and it’s been mentioned that it’s coming for months and months and still isn’t here


Yes, we slipped a bit with product development :frowning:

Roadmap for the next 6 weeks:

  • improvements in constraints
  • image import
  • colors
  • construction geometry


I am not sure is this right place, but I must say latest version if really FAST. No crashing at all . Keep up good work. Looking forward to new features.


It IS the right place. Good to hear such things. We are working on this really hard, but the problem itself is extremely complex, so sometimes things does not work out as we expect. But step by step it is getting better and better :wink:


How about viewing distance between two lines without drawing new shape. Like this, i want to get these two circles exactly with same distance from each side if you understand :slight_smile:


Please make a list of features you are working on and estimated timetable. I would like to know what the estimate is on changing colors of individual solids in a project. Would be enormously helpful as the models get more complex.


Colors are coming in 3-4 weeks.


This is exactly what constraints and dimensioning are good for :slight_smile:


I think maybe color should go in the pro version. If you could use more programmers I’ll bet a lot of people would pay for pro if you made the colors part pro only. Good luck!


That’s the plan. We want to let people use the free version for 3d printing at home, and learning modeling (also we have a free edu version, with all the pro features), and we only want to charge our users when they use the app for work. At least that’s the idea behind our pricing tiers.


Okey? how does it work then, dont understand :slight_smile:


Select two points to set up a distance constraint between them.