Any feature ideas?


A function to make basic text would be Nice !


It will be nice :wink:


When i draw a sketch iam able to move point freely, but when i create a shape of a sketch the shape wont have Any ¨points and its not possible to move lines and/or Corners.

Is that just the way a CAD program should work or Will it be possible to move lines and corners of a shape later on ?:slight_smile:

Maby some kind of wireframe function would be good so the solid shape changes to a 3D sketch look-a-like if you know what i mean . :grin:


Not possible unfortunately, or at least this problem is rather underdefined. I wrote about this in the forum previously, probably I will write a blog post about boundary representation, the tech under CAD systems where I will explain this in more detail.


Hey guys,

I was thinking that maybe you should create as a pro tool a type of search where you can choose three dimensional objects (e.g. a pyramid, sphere, tetrahedron, etc.). This would, for example, not have to make us do 3 cubes, rotate, etc., to create a tetrahedron.

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This is definitely something that we will implement somewhere down the line. Maybe in the near future :slight_smile: We don’t have an ETA yet but it is on our radar.


I’m sorry, could you please tell me what is an ETA? I must be dumb or something :slight_smile:


estimated time of arrival :slight_smile: so i can’t tell you when it’s coming but it has a high priority


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


One feature I would like to see is the ability to rename the file on export. Currently I don’t see a way to do so. Exporting always defaults to export.***.

If I have a file there with that name it allows renaming, otherwise I have to rename it later. This leaves potential for overwriting a file by mistake.


Yes, that’s planned, and better workspace handling is on the roadmap as well.


Excellent, looking forward to it. Very useful feature for me.


I wasn’t able to find these in a search on this topic, so if I’m reiterating things already mentioned, I apologize. Here’s a couple thoughts:

  • Copy objects between workspaces
  • Duplicate workspaces
  • Categorize workspaces

Right now, I just share a workspace to another iPad and then share it back to get copies, but if you don’t have a second iPad around, it is a very (literally) expensive copy operation. :wink:


Would saving the file to iCloud or DropBox not allow you to do this
We will export a file and then reimport it for this purpose


I export to iCloud and re-import again into a new workspace, this works quite well and the first 5GB with iCloud is free.


My recommendation are not very complex to achieve I believe and I think that they will make the overall user experience much better.
Some key features I would like to see implemented in the near future:

  1. Ability to draw vertical lines by holding pencil at endpoint (see image for clarification)
  2. Ability to draw orthogonal lines (also increment of 15) by holding one finger on screen while drawing (like it’s done in procreate)
  3. Simple gesture to faster manipulations (two finger tap to go back, three finger tap to move forward, four finger tap to hide or show menus (e.g procreate: I think that these simple gesture should become standard on ipad; they will vastly improve the workflow.
  4. Make2D (like in rhino) and be able to export vector lines to pdf / export image without background (this second feature can be really useful if we want to render manually using a painting app)
  5. Quick access to world-top C-plane (reset camera) + quick way to change view. The current way is a lighter slower. This feature is important because the C-plane changes every time we double click on face.
  6. Implement more viewing options (top, bottom, left, right, parallel “N,S, E, W”) also wireframe, shaded, technical, rendered (limited to colors only). Change background color.
  7. Simple shadows in rendered mode (like in sketchup) this one can particularly be useful to arch student.

I heard colors + transparency were coming soon so I am very excited about those (extremely important for Arch student)

This one is not a feature, but a change which i hope will be implemented
I notice whenever drawing a line that right after I lift my pencil off the screen the dimensions disappear. I think that the dimension should stay for a few second just in case I want to input the dimension of the line manually. Also the dimension should reappear after I have selected the line (right now i need to tap the line twice for the dimension to reappear).


I believe you haven’t found the camera menu, did you? I answered your questions here: Important features for Architecture student


Sorry I wasn’t clear in my words, I found the camera already, but I wish the icônes to switch to the different views were directly layout out on the screen.

Right now one needs two taps to select a view also when the view menu is open I found that i couldn’t rotate/toggle the camera (when the menu is on as showcased in the image posted).

Thank you for your reply again by the way. I really appreciate. I hope my new post clarifies what I meant. I didn’t mean to take away features that are already available in the app.



I’ve just started using this app. However, I’ve had a royal crash happen a few times related to applying a radius where it all too easily when highlighted “flips side” and becomes massive in value(dimension)and as well throws out, way out, values of attached lines as well. An intersecting point can end up 500mm out.
Why is there such erratic behaviour to applying a radius? Seems it is a problem with the angle direction.

Now, I have a few features which I would like to see. For now, is there a way of locking “value/dimension tabs” individually to be viewable when sketching? To have en eye or an eyelid to the right of value/dimension for a specific line/arc? It would be nice if grid axes would also follow blue = z, red = x positive value, green = y. It is a little weird to choose camera top for instance and have your “world” thrown off the way I understand this now. My friend who works with Catia and Solidworks and now Autoplant raised his eyebrows to this as well.

Groups and layers as well as snap would I also like to see more “understandable”. Snap maybe should have a pop-up option tag and now once snapped with many intersecting points it is awful to sort out which one will be detached.

Please direct me to being more in tune with this forum.

P.s. I now read something about zoom and remembered my thoughts about not having to zoom with fingers. It would keep the glass a lot cleaner if zooming could be done with a button and the pen. +/- zooming up and down and reset.



Please let’s all work towarda no fingers on the glass, to me that should be in the past.