Any feature ideas?


What do you mean by thing of the past? Are you suggesting keyboard interaction instead?

I think given what the ipad is (a tablet which is meant to be interacted with using touch, I think relying on an external tool as a primary method if input [e.g. To zoom, rotate and pan] would be a little weird). In fact what i think would make the app even better is the ability to use more touch gestures to accomplish some simple tasks such as going backward or forward like it’s done in procreate. That being said, I don’t think that keyboard shortcuts are A bad idea, but I believe that they should be complementary to the app (again using procreate as a reference).

In short the app should be able to perform all the basic tasks without a keyboard, but the keyboard can be used as a tool for shortcut commands [e.g: Boolean, revolve, change views, select a specific tool and so on,…]. I hope other Shapr3D user will agree with me on that one and that the Shapr3D team will add that on their least of upcoming features.


I think my argument and suggestion is misunderstood.

I am suggestion having an icon/button which would have a pop-up +/- zom with the pencil. Right up next to the world axis icon for instance. I started out in 1994 with Cadkey and after a few years attracted to Rhino. Rhino has a +/- feature with the cursor as well as pan etc.


Sorry I misunderstood the comment. I understand better what you mean now.


I couldn’t agree more, the app should definitly be gesture based + Apple Pencil (first). One shouldn’t need a keyboard to perform any of the features offered by the app.

Having said that I think that keyboard support (though optional) should be implemented and I am sure the addition would be welcomed by many because it will considerably speed up the design process. Favorite tools for instance can be accessed just by a tap of key, etc… I don’t think that the addition would take anything away from the app so as long as the app is primarily touch based and doesn’t require the keyboard to function.

What do you think? Do we agree on at least that last point? :slight_smile:


In regards to my issue with the lines and arcs I deleted the app and reloaded off of the appstore. No difference.
However, loading a step file and laying down a square and inserting an arc(radius) and pulling end points around I see that it makes the arc and lines fly all over again. But…, suddenly the step file disappears and it becomes manageable much more again.

In addition, why does dimension end up on top of detach(meaning the +)?


I have a feature idea,

I did a piece to a armrest wooden frame, and later i has to make it longer and taller so it fits with the other pieces,
So to do that I have to split the piece into two and extrude one of those pieces and then merge them into one piece again, not so effective…

So I would like to have an option were you can keep the angles and direction when you extrude a surface,
That would be great :+1:

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What you really want (:slight_smile:) is better direct modeling capabilities and/or feature history. We are working on both, but it will take a few months until we can release it It will solve these issues. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan :raised_hands:


Set a library, so designed or imported models can be easily reused an incorporated on larger composite models


That’s right, but still, a dedicated library would be very useful. Actually it is on the roadmap.


I wish the default rotation in the revolve tool was not zero. It seems like 360 would make more sense.


I wish it were a little harder to make a spline (or whatever that is that’s happening). In the latest release, I find that I keep ending up with straight-looking curves instead of straight lines. Then I find myself re-doing the drawing repeatedly until I’m able to get all lines. F


Setting the default to 360 is a good idea, we will do that.

Can you make a screenshot of the problematic curves? If the required force for creating spline control points is too low for you, you can set it to “high” in the bottom right menu.


Hi Istavan;

Even though I couldn’t draw a simple trapezoid right the other day, I just tried again today and couldn’t re-produce the problem. The symptom was that when I would select these line-looking things, the horizontal/vertical button wouldn’t light up. Another symptom, I think I saw, was that as I was drawing the lines, the dimension wouldn’t pop up as I dragged the pen. Because the line-looking things were part of a trapezoid, they looked like lines and everything.

Could it be from working with my iPad at a low charge while unplugged?

I will watch. What would you want me to show in the screen shot?

Also, what setting are you talking about? See image.

Michael J.


There is the “Force” setting, currently it is set to “normal”, that is OK. If you set it to “low” the force required to press the Apple Pencil will be much lower.

Power levels won’t affect anything unfortunately :frowning:


I would really like to have a option where you can merge several lines into one, easier and quicker to make a sweep on a advanced line :slight_smile:



I’m using Shapr3D mostly with the intent to eventually produce Cnc milling machine gcode.

My cnc is only 2.5D, meaning I ususally work from 2D sketches in DXF, and then use pockets or profile cuts to arrive at a piece of my construction.

Shapr3D has enabled me a lot wrt to actual 3D construction. I plain love it. But my workflow to then arrive at 2D projections is cumbersome. I export to iges & then import into freecad. Then I export as Dxf. This projects into the XY plane. That’s kinda ok, but not great. Because I have to align the parts with that plane, and neither tool makes that particularly easy.

What I would love is the ability of projecting the current visible shapes to the currently active plain, and export as DXF. So when you are in sketch mode, making an expoert gives you the option DXF. With this I think I can cut out a whole range of steps in my workflow :slight_smile:


Yes, we have been considering several different options for DXF export/import, but until now we haven’t found any affordable solutions yet, but that’s definitely a priority for us.


Hi, I bought the app today.

it would be great if it would be possible to create text (like Arial) and than transform it into 3D. So you don’t have to draw the letters.


Yepp, that’s on the roadmap.