Any feature ideas?


Can you make a video or a screenshot of this? Not entirely clear what is happening.

What do you mean by “thrown off the way”? Should we revisit the axis orientations in different camera views?

Yes, we should give more visual feedback for snapping.

To be honest, keeping the glass cleaner is not really a driver of product design in case of a multitouch device, where all the interactions are based on touch controls :slight_smile:

And thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!


One heck of a busy guy you! :+1:t2:

Well, I’ve seen before that a partial circle/radius can jump from convex to concave easily, but it so happened that it just stopped being manageable at when place and it might have to do with snapping. It just started being impossible to keep it “concave” as I moved the end-point and then it threw out the end-points of attached lines way outside of the drawing and frooze on and on again after restarting the app with a massive arc with partial closed boundary. Somehow I find it very erratic once an arc/radius has been layed down to move end-points or to alter it’s radius. I can not even open that particular workspace now as it freezes the app once it’s trying to load.

What I mean with “thrown off” is the idea of going from construction world with what seems to be from behind in Shapr3D. I mean when I normally look from the front(view) I personally expect to have the y-axis going away from me into “depth” with the x-axis being on my right side and z going upward. If I then choose construction plane being either one of your three options at the bottom of that menu and click on to camera I see absolutely no relation other than that it all does nothing but “throw” my idea of a 3D world way off when "understanding it the way it is now. Am I truly missing something or is this not a bit confusing. Why is the camera looking from “behind” the construction world? My friend reacted the same way when I showed him.
Hence, yes to your question. Lay x red to it’s right, y green in depth direction and y blue as the sky in it’s direction and apply camera top so that y and x is viewed and front view with x to the right and z going upward.

I think your work with both app and forum is outstanding and am thrilled beyond with the idea of where you take this app. It is an amazing app simply!

The snap input you seem to have in your head already like locking individual dimension tabs for help. The two fingers zoom I still do not agree with. Why finger the glass when I could just tap with the pen a button and zoom?

Many thanks and godspeed with all this! :nerd_face:


This is all I get and it does not go any further. The drawing seems to be gone totally with this workspace not loading but other ones loads fine.


What do you mean by thing of the past? Are you suggesting keyboard interaction instead?

I think given what the ipad is (a tablet which is meant to be interacted with using touch, I think relying on an external tool as a primary method if input [e.g. To zoom, rotate and pan] would be a little weird). In fact what i think would make the app even better is the ability to use more touch gestures to accomplish some simple tasks such as going backward or forward like it’s done in procreate. That being said, I don’t think that keyboard shortcuts are A bad idea, but I believe that they should be complementary to the app (again using procreate as a reference).

In short the app should be able to perform all the basic tasks without a keyboard, but the keyboard can be used as a tool for shortcut commands [e.g: Boolean, revolve, change views, select a specific tool and so on,…]. I hope other Shapr3D user will agree with me on that one and that the Shapr3D team will add that on their least of upcoming features.


One of the major things that drew me to Shapr3D is the lack of a keyboard and the ability to use touch and the Apple Pencil.

Personally I’d would prefer that nothing more than the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is needed. Anything more than that would just push me back to Fusion 360.


I think my argument and suggestion is misunderstood.

I am suggestion having an icon/button which would have a pop-up +/- zom with the pencil. Right up next to the world axis icon for instance. I started out in 1994 with Cadkey and after a few years attracted to Rhino. Rhino has a +/- feature with the cursor as well as pan etc.


Sorry I misunderstood the comment. I understand better what you mean now.


I couldn’t agree more, the app should definitly be gesture based + Apple Pencil (first). One shouldn’t need a keyboard to perform any of the features offered by the app.

Having said that I think that keyboard support (though optional) should be implemented and I am sure the addition would be welcomed by many because it will considerably speed up the design process. Favorite tools for instance can be accessed just by a tap of key, etc… I don’t think that the addition would take anything away from the app so as long as the app is primarily touch based and doesn’t require the keyboard to function.

What do you think? Do we agree on at least that last point? :slight_smile:


I agree that support for a keyboard should be added at some point, my concern is that features would then get added that are keyboard only per new requests from the users. I think those who are more diverse in CAD would make great use of it. I am certain that more advanced users of other CAD products would make heavy use of keyboard shortcuts. I would hate to see that the mobility side starts to disappear and it starts to require more accessories like a keyboard.

For someone like me who has been tinkering in CAD off and on for about 3 years (more off than on) and is you might say new/beginner at this (just under 4 weeks now) I would prefer to see the interface minimalistic as it is. I think many of the requests are valid thus far, but everyone must keep in mind this is an iPad not a full fledged computer.

Right now the app performs amazing considering the platform as well as what we are able to produce from it, this was unthought of not long ago. I am all for improvements and features, but stability, performance and ease of use should take priority, of course this is just my opinion, I am only one user of many.

Shapr3D has allowed me to accomplish more in less than 4 weeks than I have in 3 years with other products. This is largely due to the current interface and ease of use. In my opinion this will draw in more hobbyists to the product as well as the industry as a whole. The easier a product is to use the more likely it will be the goto product. For me Shapr3D accomplished both ease of use and the ability to create models that perviously I had given up on with other products due to how complicated they were to learn.


In regards to my issue with the lines and arcs I deleted the app and reloaded off of the appstore. No difference.
However, loading a step file and laying down a square and inserting an arc(radius) and pulling end points around I see that it makes the arc and lines fly all over again. But…, suddenly the step file disappears and it becomes manageable much more again.

In addition, why does dimension end up on top of detach(meaning the +)?


I have a feature idea,

I did a piece to a armrest wooden frame, and later i has to make it longer and taller so it fits with the other pieces,
So to do that I have to split the piece into two and extrude one of those pieces and then merge them into one piece again, not so effective…

So I would like to have an option were you can keep the angles and direction when you extrude a surface,
That would be great :+1:

0c519aa.PNG" width=“666” height=“500”>


What you really want (:slight_smile:) is better direct modeling capabilities and/or feature history. We are working on both, but it will take a few months until we can release it It will solve these issues. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan :raised_hands:


Set a library, so designed or imported models can be easily reused an incorporated on larger composite models


There is a fairly easy work around for this. What I have been doing is exporting the model I expect to reuse as a STP file, naming it appropriately and when I need it to be incorporated in a new workspace I can just import it into the workspace and it adds the model.


That’s right, but still, a dedicated library would be very useful. Actually it is on the roadmap.


I wish the default rotation in the revolve tool was not zero. It seems like 360 would make more sense.


I wish it were a little harder to make a spline (or whatever that is that’s happening). In the latest release, I find that I keep ending up with straight-looking curves instead of straight lines. Then I find myself re-doing the drawing repeatedly until I’m able to get all lines. F


Setting the default to 360 is a good idea, we will do that.

Can you make a screenshot of the problematic curves? If the required force for creating spline control points is too low for you, you can set it to “high” in the bottom right menu.


Hi Istavan;

Even though I couldn’t draw a simple trapezoid right the other day, I just tried again today and couldn’t re-produce the problem. The symptom was that when I would select these line-looking things, the horizontal/vertical button wouldn’t light up. Another symptom, I think I saw, was that as I was drawing the lines, the dimension wouldn’t pop up as I dragged the pen. Because the line-looking things were part of a trapezoid, they looked like lines and everything.

Could it be from working with my iPad at a low charge while unplugged?

I will watch. What would you want me to show in the screen shot?

Also, what setting are you talking about? See image.

Michael J.