Any feature ideas?


There is the “Force” setting, currently it is set to “normal”, that is OK. If you set it to “low” the force required to press the Apple Pencil will be much lower.

Power levels won’t affect anything unfortunately :frowning:


I would really like to have a option where you can merge several lines into one, easier and quicker to make a sweep on a advanced line :slight_smile:



I’m using Shapr3D mostly with the intent to eventually produce Cnc milling machine gcode.

My cnc is only 2.5D, meaning I ususally work from 2D sketches in DXF, and then use pockets or profile cuts to arrive at a piece of my construction.

Shapr3D has enabled me a lot wrt to actual 3D construction. I plain love it. But my workflow to then arrive at 2D projections is cumbersome. I export to iges & then import into freecad. Then I export as Dxf. This projects into the XY plane. That’s kinda ok, but not great. Because I have to align the parts with that plane, and neither tool makes that particularly easy.

What I would love is the ability of projecting the current visible shapes to the currently active plain, and export as DXF. So when you are in sketch mode, making an expoert gives you the option DXF. With this I think I can cut out a whole range of steps in my workflow :slight_smile:


Yes, we have been considering several different options for DXF export/import, but until now we haven’t found any affordable solutions yet, but that’s definitely a priority for us.


Hi, I bought the app today.

it would be great if it would be possible to create text (like Arial) and than transform it into 3D. So you don’t have to draw the letters.


Yepp, that’s on the roadmap.


Hi, i tried your app for a while already and i must say it’s really amazing.
The only thing that i couldn’t find that i would really love to see is a 3D dimensioning command.
Since i usually need to show all the measurements of the pieces i make to people before we can start the production of them I think it would really ease my work with an Apple Pencil cause on the other programs i have seen there is usually a lot of trouble dealing with UCS.
Please tell me if there is already something similar inside the app because i couldn’t find it.
Something similar to this:


Not yet, but improving documenting capabilities, like 3d dimensioning and drawing exports are planned, but we don’t have an ETA for that.


Compatibility with a photorealistic rendering app would be really nice and take a bite out of Sketchup :slight_smile:


Well, Shapr is compatible with all the rendering apps. Or do you mean, direct integration?


That’s good to know. I’m what one would call a “true” 3D novice, trying to emerge from a 2D “Illustrator” world. But then, that is very much to your advantage for those like me who are dismayed by what the folks at Fusion 360 are calling novice level training. :slight_smile: I salute your patience!


STL is the standard mesh file format, that you can import to all the rendering apps, like Keyshot.


I’m partial to this, as well. I have a project that I would like to be able to display textures such as fabrics/wood/metal… and be able to change the texture with ease. Simply saving the step of having to export/etc. would prevent the fears that anything would be changed in the process.

I know that’s a big ask but maybe down the road.


Have you seen the time-lapse feature on Procreate? It’s so cool and fun to watch - youtube is full of them, which raises the profile of the app. I think Shapr3d should have a similar feature


How about a feature that reminds you to backup the workspaces? Or an integrated backup that allows you to choose where to backup too such as the device or to the iCloud or one of the many other cloud services. The reminder could be as simple as a popup when we close the app. Or a reminder with a menu after so many minutes or hours.

As an IT Guy I should know this but I failed to backup my data from the APP and may have lost some or all of it.


I think it’s important to be able to export dxf files because many subcontractors use this format for several cutting machines, Especially in furniture industry.
I’m a product developer in the furniture industry, including upholstered furniture and I use Shapr when I draw the various parts.
but then i have to open the files in a other program (fusion 360) on the computer and make dxf files from there, so i hope that shapr can do that in a near future :relaxed:


Will you be adding a way to project to sketch

Is there a way to. Limit extrusions


Wonderful app!
I have several suggestions for adding features:
Select multiple layers to move the shapes. The shapes automatically assign the color assigned to the layer. Snap to point when extruding shape. Show shape dimensions when selecting(H/W/L)


Yes, we will add a projection tool soon. Whta do you mean by limiting extrusions?


I’m really having issues with working planes and extents.
It would be awesome to be able to interact directly with working planes.

As far as feature creation (pardon me as I am new to your sowtware) Extents such as "From/To, Next, Through Next, Through All, Finite (Specific Distance).

It would be awesome to have a chance to talk with someone form your Organization as I am very interested in getting an out of the classroom experience for students. But I have to translate methodologies and toolsets in a very general crossover style and currently (I have limited experience with your software) you seem to be missing a few key elements needed for beginners.

Constraints disappear and do not show when they have fully describe a cross section.

Working planes need to be discreet entities.

I know your working on many aspects.
My email address is
Cell: 330-221-7503
I can be reached most days from 12:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time