Any feature ideas?


What’s the maximum resolution of 3D screenshots sir?


If you’re going to release the latest version,please add simple animation tools sir…like rotation(horizontal,vertical)…front & back movement,opening of 3D model parts


Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to add animation capabilities to Shapr.


Are there any plans to implement a way of save and revert states within a work space. So if you wanted to fork your project, you could save it where it is and come back to it without having to recreate or remove other features. Also, i’ve had the app crash on me twice where when I open it, the portion of the model I was working on has disappeared and I’ve been unable to recover it. Being able to save at various points would allow me to open up the most recent save.


Yes, versioning is on the roadmap. We have vastly improved the reliability of autosave in the next release. I am really sorry that you lost data, but with the next release that should never happen again.


Would be great to be able to define variables, then instead of assigning dimensions in my sketch, I could assign the dimension to be a variable (or a simple calculation like “boardWidth/2”, etc). Then, changing dimensions in my drawing would be as simple as changing a single variable.


Are you planning to support import splines?



agree with other ideas!


Multiple copy

Add possibility to make multiple copies of one object, determine the distance between them or make them follow a polyline (with the choice of adapt orientation to polyline…
If u want me to draw examples tell me ,)


Add an object gallery (ex: trees, rocks…) and let users to share/sell objects


I have included in this picture some feedback as well as some feature suggestion that would make the app even easier to use. I hope to here from you guys what you think of my suggestion and if my concerns are shared by others. If you have anything more to add to my list of suggestions please feel free to do so.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Here is a little more :wink:


I think adding SVG, as an import option would be excellent because so many iPad apps can export SVG. Apps like CONCEPTS, GRAPHIC, and TOUCHDRAW. These apps are so easy to draw graphics images in 2D. It would be SO CONVENIENT to import directly into SHARP3D!!!


After using the app for some time now, I believe that it has improved a lot. I have been enjoying playing around with it and I plementing into my design flow and more. Having said that I think that there is still some improvement especially in term of efficiency that need to be made. Given that this app does not rely on any keyboard shortcut I think that more smart gestures should be Implemented to speed up certain actions.

Selecting multiple objects for instance at least to my knowledge is somewhat of a slow process. One has to double tap to select an entire object which is not the most convenient thing to do; why not implement a selection tool? I think it may make things a little easier.
Gestures may also be introduced to summon things like quick menus, most used action maybe.

There many great app on iOS and I think that learning from some of them will make your an even greater app then it is today and make it more convenient to use.

Thank you for all your work and for providing us with such a great app!!


Do you use groups? We have noticed that quite a lot of people don’t understand the groups feature, that helps a lot in selection. That’s obviously our fault, and we are working on major improvements for the groups UI and selection in general.



Thank you for the fast reply. Yes I am aware of Groups, but main concern with then is that while you can highlight group, you cannot really select the group. Let say I want move an entire group. Swiping left only allow me to highlight the group for a split second to show me what they are but is there a way to keep to allow us to actually me able to say move that group (etc…)

Also any plans on implementing a selection tool to allow for easier selection?

Thank you very much again! :slight_smile:


Hi - If you scroll down in the article - we explain how you can use groups in certain tools. In the top bar you can tap on the Group menu and use the tools on Groups.

Please see picture attached:


I would like to be able to draw or move a line across an axis or other line or arc and have its midpoint Snap to that element.

How do I do this now? Say a line parallel to X axis but across and centered on Y axis. Draw a line from Y axis to the right; draw another equal line to the left. Drop two equal right angled lines from endpoints to where I want my line. Draw line and test that center is over axis by drawing yet another line to the desired line and checking that it Snaps over the axis. If success, delete or trim everything but desired line. Seems to be a bit much for such a simple operation that is done often.

I guess that you can do this relying on Snap to Grid in some cases but I would like a capability for the general case and be assured of the centering.




I have brought this up in other posts but will reiterate.

To work with any precision, there needs to be auto-recognition of the same point when it lies on two planes. That is, if you have point x,y, z on a raised horizontal x, y plane and you have an inclined plane through this point, the application should display/recognize this point on the inclined plane and Snap a newly drawn line to it, etc. The point(s) should have the same precise definition as any other point. Relying on lining things up visually, like from ain’t imported photo, is woefully inadequate.

Thanks for listening…



Groups have a lot of limitations:

  • When utilizing the transform tool, selecting a group, and choosing “copy”, the resultant copy is added to the previous group. This makes it frustrating to try and duplicate a group.
  • When selecting a group, and performing a transform, when clicking “OK” on the transform, the group is automatically de-selected. This makes it difficult to do something with the copy
  • No way to list the members of a group (for selection of individual members, removal of individual members from the group, moving to a different group - Think of it like the list of items in a layer in photoshop)

Plus, in the interface, I occasionally find the swipe left/right mechanic to be unresponsive.