Any feature ideas?


If you have a minute it would be excellent to speak with someone from your organization.

Best Regards,

Adam Zuckerman B.S., M.Tech.
Instructor, Kent State University
Innovation Management & Prototyping Specialist
Cell: (330)221-7503

College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability & Technology
220A Aeronautics & Technology Building (ATB)
1400 Lefton Esplanade
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Thanks Zuck, @Peter_Shapr3D will reach out in a few weeks.


Hello sir,I like to ask a software doubt,let’s say I am designing a motorcycle with shapr3d,these are my doubts

  1. Can I use this model as an end model for manufacturing purposes,I mean without using CATIA/SOLIDWORKS or industrial softwares like that will I be able to use this as the final model for direct CAD manufacturing?
  2. Also will I be able to render this model directly in SOLIDWORKS VISUALIZE?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

Although we don’t have any CAM tools, but the output files are high quality, and ready to be loaded to a CNC machine or any CAM software.


Thank you sir


Sir,please can you suggest the best standalone rendering software for shapr3d models with the best high end graphics


Is there any feature like to animate the parts of a shapr3d model sir?


What’s the maximum resolution of 3D screenshots sir?


If you’re going to release the latest version,please add simple animation tools sir…like rotation(horizontal,vertical)…front & back movement,opening of 3D model parts


Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to add animation capabilities to Shapr.


Are there any plans to implement a way of save and revert states within a work space. So if you wanted to fork your project, you could save it where it is and come back to it without having to recreate or remove other features. Also, i’ve had the app crash on me twice where when I open it, the portion of the model I was working on has disappeared and I’ve been unable to recover it. Being able to save at various points would allow me to open up the most recent save.


Yes, versioning is on the roadmap. We have vastly improved the reliability of autosave in the next release. I am really sorry that you lost data, but with the next release that should never happen again.


Would be great to be able to define variables, then instead of assigning dimensions in my sketch, I could assign the dimension to be a variable (or a simple calculation like “boardWidth/2”, etc). Then, changing dimensions in my drawing would be as simple as changing a single variable.


Are you planning to support import splines?



agree with other ideas!


Multiple copy

Add possibility to make multiple copies of one object, determine the distance between them or make them follow a polyline (with the choice of adapt orientation to polyline…
If u want me to draw examples tell me ,)


Add an object gallery (ex: trees, rocks…) and let users to share/sell objects


I have included in this picture some feedback as well as some feature suggestion that would make the app even easier to use. I hope to here from you guys what you think of my suggestion and if my concerns are shared by others. If you have anything more to add to my list of suggestions please feel free to do so.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Here is a little more :wink:


I think adding SVG, as an import option would be excellent because so many iPad apps can export SVG. Apps like CONCEPTS, GRAPHIC, and TOUCHDRAW. These apps are so easy to draw graphics images in 2D. It would be SO CONVENIENT to import directly into SHARP3D!!!