Any feature ideas?


That, and even more advanced 3d snapping is coming soon.


Yes, it does.


Has anyone ever requested to the ability to ‘home’ an object or a group, whereby a selection is centered on the 0,0,0?
Orientation might be tricky, but perhaps if I were to select a face and use the function, the selected face would be positioned looking up
(Or something along these lines)


I usually work on 3-D CT Angiography images of patients and extract 3-D model of the arteries in STL format, convert it into a STEP format, and then import into Shapr3D. This will result in thousands and thousands of connected triangles since it is in the STL format. Then I will translate it as a whole to 0,0,0 so that rotation n viewing of the model be as easy as possible.


Hello !
As myself a 3D designer (mainly Catia V5 at work) I really appreciate the simplicity and possibilities of Shapr3D.
Some features I hope to see on this soft ?

  • More constraint possibility in sketches, like “coincidence” to constrain point on line or point on point for exemple, or the possibility to set a distance to “0mm”.

  • Maybe some basic rendering possibilities by selecting materials or texture (some shades of wood and steel for example).

  • Basic animation, I mean, the possibility to add movment between groups.

  • You offer the possibility to export for 3D printing, maybe include a slicer (with the cura engine for exemple) would be a great improvement of the 3D printing workflow !

Thank you for your great soft,



The first one is already possible, just drag a point on any sketch or point.


The feature i feel must be there willbe quite helpful. Guide curves in loft operation will be quite helpful. It will reduce the need to draw extra sketches while designing some organic shapes.


I have been using shaper for 3 days now and here are some features I would like to see.

When dimensioning it would be nice to be able to do simple math inside the dimensioning tool. Especially because the iPad Pro doesn’t come with a built-in calculator.

When dimensioning a circle it would be nice to have the option of diameter and radius.

I would really like to be able to export a face as DXF


It would be handy to maintain the group members of a group when highlighted by the slider to facilitating moving the entire group into another group

I am New to shapr3d got it over Xmas and enjoying the experience



The two first of your suggestions were mine and many others too! Built-in calculator & D/R dimensioning for circle. I hope the team takes them into considerations.


My first two suggestions would be nice features but the ability to save faces as DXF would be a game changer, I would actually be able to use this for work. This is my only hesitation for buying the yearly subscription.


I would love to see a feature similar to a 2point perspective implementation in sketchup. Hope this is not hard to do.


Any plans to implement some sort of Field of View slider when taking screenshots? Sometimes the default perspective is a little too extreme for my liking when taking screenshots.

P.S. Also, some sort of simple light/ shadow controls would be cherry on top if not taxing on the system…


I also requested for AR within the app but one of the good approaches of the Shapr3D team is that they only go for a feature when it is near to its maturity in order to respect user’s convenience, appreciable.


Shapr3d requested features:

  • · Transform Tool - Move / Rotate / Scale ~ that the blue centering dot would automatically center on object when one is selected prior to the transform.
  • · A lasso selection tool for selecting and then grouping many small objects that are a pain to select one-by-one.
  • · Ability to duplicate layers including their content. Much easier than duplicating the objects in the layer then having to select them again to get them into their own layer.
  • · Ability to load a group or layer as a selection, not just the left slide to highlight but that could also select all the objs on a layer.
  • · That when a bunch of selected objects are transformed, the selection stays selected rather than goes away, if, for example, one wanted to put those newly transformed objects into their own layer they wouldn’t have to all be selected again.



Great suggestions, that highlight some of the painpoints we hve. We are continously working to improve these things, many of these are already on our roadmap and will be shipped later this year.


@Istvan_Shapr3D is AR and rendering using metal on the cards?


Sorry but what is AR?




Augmented Reality dear Tommy


are there a ruler that i can use to measure with or is this something to put under tools?