Any feature ideas?


What do you want to measure?! An edge probably?! There is no specific measurement icon in the app. You choose everything you want to measure and the app shows you corresponding dimensions. Example, you tap with your pencil on the surface or perimeter of a circle or an edge on a 3D object and then you’ll see measurements at the middle bottom of app screen


I want to know the size from one edge to another, and i want to check if the gap in my thing has the correct opening.


Well, choose both of edges then look at the ribbon that will appear at the middle bottom of app screen, it’ll tell you what the distance is between those edges


I want to measure from point A and D, B and C :slight_smile:



ok :slight_smile: thank you


A few more feature requests/thoughts ~

  • · A way to escape or kill a stuck process
  • · Home Screen opens to “Designs”, not tutorials so you can get right to work.
  • · “Appearance” ~ Show Hidden Edges can be moved up a level and the Appearance” button removed as there are no other choices in “Appearance”. It would save a click :-), unless of course you have thoughts for additional items that would go in this menu.


a few more suggestions ~

  • · Ability to lock an object, a group or a surface
  • · It would be great to be able to scale an object in one dimension only, not always all three at once.


Most CAD Software has abitlity to split a Body from a Layer (need e.g. to make an injection mold from step file of Customer), so this is a Feature idea wish <:v:t2::partying_face:


It’s been long time, many users requesting this absolutely needed feature!




Feature Wishlist for Engineering Injection Moldmaking:

  1. Split Bodies over Layer or selected Face
  2. Adjustable Section View over arrows (like moving lines in sketches)
  3. Draftanalysis depended on Layer (to see in which align is the model draftet)

On the beginning this features would be very nice an could be a first step to CAD more an more in shapr3d (actually i use fusion360 on desk)


I think the current section view is rarely used and useful, and I agree with you on this too! But as the team said previously, if they are going to release a version with technical drawings (isometric and three classic views), this should be a part of it naturally.


an adjustable section view allows u to see possible collisions on to two bodies or any fail u dont see on the first view


Can the undo/redo tap option be disabled?
Is it also possible to move these controls to the left when right-handed settings are applied?


When using the GROUPS palette to add objects to a group, it would be handy to be able to choose another group as one does in the Move/Transfer/Rotate option, or in Subtract, where you can choose groups to move or subtract. You could choose a group to add to another group instead of having to choose all the objects by hand.


The groups UI is under a major revision, stay tuned! Few weeks to go :wink:


my first question may be about the market position of shapr3d, will it replace the other CAD software with this iOS app? If yes, there’ll be lots of features to be added, referring to Fusion, Solidworks, UG etc. if not, may consider some unique features specifically for applications. I explain some:

  1. Lattice structures. For some aerospace and medical application, we need design lightweight structure in a solid body, or bone scaffold on surface. Basically I design a unit cell first, fill the target solid body repeatedly, i’ll get a repeated lattice structure; i’m trying to fill the solid body by randomly changing the position and size of the unit cell, in order to get a random lattice structure (best osseo integration) but with controlled normal distribution. Not easy job.

  2. Advanced sweep function. Current ‘Sweep’ is to make a surface to follow a line/curve, the surface ‘copy’ itself to produce a new body; shall we make a 3D body (unit) to follow a surface? The unit ‘copy’ itself to produce a new body. Overall, the new body has that surface structure with ‘unit’ details.

Best regards and thanks for the efforts to develope the wonderful App!


Looking forward to it and appreciate that you are continuing upgrades to the app.


I‘m still hoping for a thread tool for true-to-Standard threads…

This shouldn’t be that problematic for the devs to implement I think, but would allow to create real-live workpieces.

Cheers Chris