Any feature ideas?


Please MOVE UNDO BUTTON to a more thumb friendly location, as it is impossible to press undo when holding the iPad with one hand. It should be above the other buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

Undo button is the button I use by far the most because of the pen accidentally touching the screen and having it most convenient makes perfect sense. Right now it feels like an afterthought down in the corner.

Otherwise great app. Totally overpriced for hobbyists IMO, but given all the similar feedback I’m guessing you will come up with some middle ground option soon.



Hi swebal,
You can do undo/redo touching the screen with 2 or 3 fingers at the same time.

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Hi Lucas,

Thanks, that was a lot faster.



Not sure if its been asked for, but recently ive been doing alot of work manualy which i think could be accomplished automatically.

-Select all connected shapes
-Subtract connected shapes from

Also, very often if I am trying to accomplish a texture I have to select very many shapes. Sometimes the pen slips and deselects like 50 shaps and sketches a line ://///// so much time wasted on this specific issue lol

Please help :DDDDD



What does this mean?

Re subtract: you can use the subtract tool for that :slight_smile: Texturing is not on our roadmap for now.



For example this grip texture that i made. (Took forever :0) selecting all of these individually is a great pain because sometimes the pen slips and sketches. So if there was a “select all connected shapes” option it would be useful.



Also an option to save your steps even after you close the app. Because sometimes it crashes and you cant undo something. Ive had to redo models from scratch because i was doing a final step and it crashed. Reverting some actions is nearly impossible.



Any thoughts on add Siri shortcuts to the app? My workflow at the moment is exporting a backup file in .shapr format to my iCloud Drive, another into .step for Fusion and .stl for printing. Being able to do all three with a shortcut would be handy.

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More generally, it would be good to select two things (points, lines, circles) and get a measure of relevant things like distance between them, the angle between them, distance between their centers if they are circles, or the offset between them if they are concentric circles.
(this was meant to be in reply to the post on measuring tool).



I hope this includes nesting of groups so that multiple groups can be grouped under a parent group…?



It would be very useful to be able to make simple drawing views of designs so that they could be emailed or exported for discussion. Would need to be able to add centerlines, dimensions and notes. Don’t need a drawing border, just for diagram views, but others may want a full 2D CAD environment. I wouldn’t argue with that either.



When you drag a rectangle or circle or ellipse in the new sketch menu with snap to grid selected, the center is not snapped. It falls where the pen does, so, for instance, you get a snapped rectangle 28.37mm x 34.36mm. Seems to me that the center should snap at the start of the drag, not just the end.

CANCEL THAT. I was wrong. It is just the same snappiness as a line is. I was just doing it wrong.



sweep N copies of a 3d object along a line, spline or circle.



line-like shapes with a circular cross section and adjustable radius that are drawn like sketches. (Can do this by sweeping a circle along a spline, but its tedious.)



Hi – Firstly great app, love it
As a new user I am slowly expanding my design ideas and have been using Groups more recently. My focus is on 3D printing and rightly or wrongly keep all components of a design that require individual printing (different colours, different materials etc) as an individual Group. This way when exporting to Print as 3D I have theZip file of individual components.
Selection of the various components as Groups, to rescale for example, can be time consuming. Having looked through various posts there has been suggestions of Parent Groups etc, whilst I think this would be a great idea an interim solution, but also good visible indicator, would be a selection box for each of the Groups being selected when Transforming for example
Currently I am selecting Component A,(CA) then Component D (CD) then CE, CF, CK, CW etc etc. For each selection I have to tap “groups”, locate the Group – often requiring scrolling, tap the Group to select, remember what has already been selected …. then repeat the process all over again
A simple process of tap “groups” once then Locate Group > Select > perhaps Scroll > Locate > Select - repeat until all selected and then tap an “OK” or similar which closes the selection dropdown. Thoughts?

Also whilst searching the Forum for this subject and then following the various links I found that I could not return back up 1 level, the only option was back to the Home page and the start again. Am I just not being observant and missed a back option?
Many thanks Mark



We are working on this right now :slight_smile:



Thanks, what both ? Lol



See pic below, you’re just making the modeling space more noisy and less sketching environment is available by this behavior:

The Add button is enough to add 2D primitives:

And also two of that Add button is redundant, we’ve them at top left



Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

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We reimplement the “groups” menu and also make it available in all tools. We get rid of the link in the tooltip. That was always a temporary solution, the time has come to let it go :slight_smile: