Any feature ideas?


I wrote somewhere before:
“Would be nice a slide button to hide the names of the icons, when the user well known the menu (enough to see the icons) can hide these. More space left to drawing.”



This is a good idea too but I think those texts are redundant and UUUUUgly even now, why?! Because as one taps on them, their BOLD names will pop up at top left corner of the app screen. What a forgetful man might not discover them!!!


:+1: You are right, but these text help at the begining…:face_with_monocle:


A direct control point editor and built out surfacing tools would make this my main cad software


Also Is there a gesture to select continuous edges? Would make fillet operations way easier


We are on it! Few weeks to go.


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You can select the face that all the edges belong to and then drag one of the edges to make fillets/chamfers.
But I’d also like to get something like triple tapping of the face to select all the edges that touch that face but are not part of the face. For instance if I have a cube and I select the top face, i can fillet or chamfer the top edges. However, in my suggestion, if I triple tap the top face, all the vertical edges get selected so I don’t have to orbit around the cube selecting them individually in order to fillet the side edges of the cube.
This would be a real accelerator for say machined pockets in a cnc machining where you want to radius the cutter diameter for all corners of the pocket in one go without the risk of unselecting as you orbit around.


We are working on improving the entire selection flow, big improvements are coming.


I really miss Scale1D in move/rotate/scale gizmo. Is that something you’re considering to add?


Yes, it’s in the product design pipeline.


i love the new sketch menu! i’m sure this has probably been asked: is there going to be a ‘rectangle’ tool variant where we can start from one corner? (like every marquee tool in every app ever) i am hoping the the grey ‘center’ text on the current tool is an indication there will be other variants


Just tap on it again to change to mode :slight_smile:


yay, thanks istvan!


Hi all,

I am a new user, like 2 day new, so I am getting used to it and really liking it so far. I come from a Fusion and BobCAD background. My emphasis is actually designing with a view to CNC plasma cutting. For this I need to be able to generate 2d .dxf (or similar). I see so far there isn’t a way to do this. Is there any chance a feature like this would be available in the future?


Although we are using Archicad and BIMx models in relative early stadium I’d love to see a simple shadow function. By now we add shadows in static pictures but if the model would be dynamic with shadow this would be a great presentation opportunity via Apple TV on a big screen😍
Any news on this theme? I know it’s not necessary for the hardcore engineer but it would be nice for creative use.



Yes - it has been on our roadmap for a while - we will implement it at one point, but no estimated time for dxf export


Daniel extract edge would be nice as well
Would save a lot of work with modifying existing models

Thanks Rob


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. Still trying to find some time to get learning the program fully. But loving it so far. Will start the YouTube videos again when I get some more of this elusive time thing.



Hello Istvan,

It will be very helpful if Shapr3D has arrange tool, which can help me to arrange my design components evenly on a straight line or a circle ( arrange all design components with exactly same distance in a quick way, may be add on new tool please).

Thank you very much