Any feature ideas?


It would be super powerful if those were edit points also.


I have issues with grouping also. I really need to be able to maintain separate parts whilst still working within the continuity of the entire scope of the project.


Would it be possible to add a way to title workspaces. Sometimes with the camera not pointing to a specific object in a workspace, I have to open multiple workspaces to find the one I want to work with.




Yes, that’s something we definitely have to do.


Great app nice start …
For a start i miss some tools

  • attach / detach faces like when i offset face i can detach it.
  • moving and transforming faces and segments … Like controling the face i draw in a surface …
  • scaling objects in axis … Like i want to strech the object on x axis or y axis seperated …
    Fpr now these are things I usually use n i miss it here.



  • attach/detach: currently we are working on huge changes regarding the sketching and basic interaction, you will be able to do this soon :slight_smile:

  • moving/transforming faces: can you explain in a bit more detail?

  • scaling on an axis: on the roadmap! :slight_smile:


Great …
Moving and scaling faces … Like when you draw a rectangle and offset it inside i want to move and scale the inner face on its surface … Let’s imagine a wall and a door on it ,i want to move that door on 2 axis
… And also segmants when i draw triangle extrude it and want to move one of the edges …


So you basically want to transform sketches on faces, right? That’s actually what we are working on right now, better handling of sketches.


Yes… Ok cool
Keep it up

  • some sort of auto center or auto middle.

say I want to put a small circle in the middle surface of a face of a cube but I would have to draw line and do math to figure out the mid point. it would be nice if shapr3d had a function to automatically put a shape in the center of a surface.

  • Also if I could draw a line and it could auto snap to the midpoint / 1/4th point /1/8th point / 1/16th point of spline would save me from using a calculator. or if I could input where I want a line to intersect with another spline on a surface.

  • A built in trig calculator would be nice as well.

  • adding a text section in the group folder to write notes about each group would also help organization

  • and a parallel helix function would save some time.


The upcoming constraints feature will solve most of the problems with sketching. With it I think you won’t even need the trig calculator :slight_smile:
Also the groups feature will change a lot, and it will be much smarter, but a “text separator” would be a good idea. How many groups do you have usually?

Have you tried creating a helix by sketching a line on the side of a cylinder?


I have a few groups sometime more than 5, if I could write all the dimensions in for each shape, or each spline outline that would help, also being able to write little notes to remind me about things I need to do or try in each group. It’s helpful if I have to write a report about certain functions of parts.

I can draw a helix, but if I want extrude a helix I have to do some work around to get it in perfect dimensions, a parallel helix would give me perfect dimensions to extrude.

  • selection tool … Beside select by pick
  • undo inside tools … I can’t undo while doing offset ,i have to close offset undo and offset again .


Selection tool? Area selection? Lasso?


Yes, selecting many objects or faces at a time.


When using a tool, or in “default” mode?


Both would be great …


OK, but what were you doing when you realized, that “darn, I really want to select multiple items!”


The culastra on the sides and the steps of the stairs … I had to select it one by one to make a mirror or copy.


WOW!!! That’s amazing! Can you post this to the “Share your creations” topic as well? :slight_smile:

We do have some concepts for area/lasso selection, and that’s a feature we definitely have to implement indeed.