Any feature ideas?



That would be great. would it show dimensions for each edge of a complex object?


It would be a complete mess. And you rarely want to see all the lengths of all if the edges. I think the new solution will help a lot, but we will see.


Oh I see what you mean. You will be able to select multiple edges, and it will display information based in the type of the objects. Eg. for linear edges it will display lenth, for arcs/circles it will display radius values, erc.


That would be great. Here’s another scenario. I have an object that I’m building and because it’s hollow, I was having issues with subtracting solid shapes from it. Instead , I finally started building it with sheets and unioning it all together. One side I needed to add in tied to the tube and needed to know the exact length and this is where an actual ruler tool would come in handy. I’m appending the image and I’m indicating the side that I was wanting to measure in order to build that sheet to union into the overall object.

Hope this made sense and I’m very interested in seeing your idea implemented in a future version but it wouldn’t show a dimension I’m missing and needed to know.

Thanks in advance


Makes sense. We will definitely add a ruler tool soon, since it is quite often requested.


Great!! Love this app!!


Fantastic App, really love all of this. I would love to see smart keyboard support. Also, positioning is still pretty funky, I can only get it to work on a circle, but not on any sort of custom shape that I sketch. Maybe a dedicated positioning mode or something like that.


Hi there!

How would you like to use the Smart Keyboard in Shapr? For basic commands? Like copy paste?

By positioning you mean the “Positioning on faces” stuff, when you have to hold a point on a curve for a sec, right? That stuff will be gone soon, as we are working on constraints, that will make it unnecessary.


Hello guys, I have been gone a while except for a little lurking. A lot of my recent work has gone 2-D to support the use of a laser I purchased about a month ago. I have been learning Corel X8 to help support this machine. I have had need for 3-D models and as I am more proficient in SketchUp I reverted back to it but the exporting was not so great. I drew something simple in 123D and exported an SVG and it was beautiful but honestly 123D is really pissing me off. I can hardly stand it. So there is a feature that would have me strongly considering a Pro subscription. Have you guessed it? SVG exporting, I know weird huh, A 3-D drawing in 2-D. It helps to visualize and draw what I am creating in 3-D but then I need everything laid flat and as an SVG to cut. I’m not gonna ask the world of ya and see if you will unfold and flatten geometry stuff, yet. If I could just export even one plane at a time as an SVG then I could cobble those together and nest them in Corel as a cut file. What do ya say? Is .SVG export a possibility?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (+1000 Ms).

Not sure I get it. Eg. you have a cube, what would be the SVG output?


Hi would you guys consider having your tutorials in app as viewing it online consumes data or at times wont work in places where data aint avablable


Well, the in-app tutorials are already in the app, and they consume 200MB of data already. Currently the app bundle is 450MB, out of which 200 is taken by the videos. If we would add the @CEKuhnen tutorials to the app, the size of the app would be well over 2GB, and with every new tutorial we would add 500MB more. That’s would not be a very good idea :slight_smile: Also, this way you have the option to open it in split screen view or in picture-in-picture mode from the youtube app, and this could be really useful. So one way or another the tutorial videos will consume data :expressionless: But we may could make them easily downloadable if you wish.


Simply a square, just a square.


So basically you would like to get a vector graphical screenshot?


Something like this? (302.1 KB)


I was able to view that in another un-zip program on the IPad. That looks to be a messy file that would require more work to clean up than re-drawing. Also it needs to be a a parallel projection at 1:1. To describe it differently consider this and this would likely be awesome unless I am missing something:
every face would be converted to a “sketch” and each sketch would be exported as an object with a hairline outline and no fill. If any curved surface could be flattened and the resulting sketch included in the export then I would be like praise God, Hallelujah! Just one of the laser groups I belong to has over 8900 members and I am sure when I tell them about that quite a few of them would feel the same.


Okay, that was just an example, I just wasn’t sure what you want. So basically you would like to have vector graphical screenshots, right?


Well I wouldn’t frown at any options. Just talking about this is getting me excited. :blush: If you consider my last post it can be a lot more complicated than that. A screenshot SVG would not amount to much more than an arbitrary view of some form. I am more interested in your cube. If I draw a 2"x 2"x 2" square then the export I would want to receive is six 2 inch squares without any excessive or duplicate geometries. The hope would be that when opened in Corel they would be truly square and 2 inches. I am sure resolution factors and what not might have to be taken into consideration and if need be some scaling might have to occur. I generally use 333 Dpi in Corel.


This would be rather hard to do, but I will think about possible implementations. The problem is that it would be rather hard to convert Shapr geometry to planar vector graphics.


Yes, I understand even being able to choose a plane and export that would be a good start. Then pieces and useful geometry could be exported, even if only one at a time. A full export would result often in a lot of useless shapes generated for instance off what would be considered the edge of a piece of 7mm bamboo. I would not have a need for that face to be exported. Another step back would be to select the faces, even if only flat ones for now, that could be exported as SVG. The reason curved surfaces would be sweet is the use of living hinges and curves in sheet stock. If a curve piece were flattened then a correct pattern of lines were drawn on it a bendable piece of wood results. In 3-D that piece could much more easily be established to have slots and tabs in vital areas to interact with the rest of the model.