APP crashes/ can’t open file

I designed a product in shaper3d and this file is relatively heavy. My app crashes while it is trying to load the file. I’ve tried to open the file many time but no luck. I don’t have this issue with my other design files. Can you guys help?i am using iPad

Hey @Farahbod, keep in mind that Shapr3D is an application without limitation and therefore our users can design huge projects, however, they might run into performance issues like this, when they have used up all the capacity of their device’s capacity.

While you are designing, it is the best engineering practice to make smaller segments separately and to make regular backups in SHAPR format just for the ease of mind.

Regardless, do write us a ticket at our support page about the issue so we can help you on the subject.

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the file size is large and when i am trying to upload the file in support tap it always gives me an error.
The upload took long time, connection was lost.
Can i upload the file on Google drive and share the link with you guys?
Is it possible that i submit a support form without uploading any attachment?

Sure, a ticket with a drive link will be enough, just make sure that the link can be viewed by anyone from Google Drive.