App keeps shutting down

Hi, I have a big design of a city, every single time I open it it crashes, I thought it might be because it is a large file. I have restarted my iPad a few times and the same thing keeps happening, any suggestions would be great as this is for my university assignment ??!!

One time I did a very small sketch in a very large object to cut a tiny part and I did it

But if I tried to delete that tiny sketch afterward the app crashes

Until I couldn’t see other solution but to delete that object and redo it

Does it crash instantly after you open the app? Or wait until you do something?

So once I click on the design I want to work on, it loads for a bit and then just crashes

If you can retract what you did before this happens. “delete the last object you were working on is best solution”

If you can’t… Might developers guide you to other solution.

Sorry for your loss :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, the problem is that I’m not able to open up the design. But thanks anyways !!

Hi @Jovss!

Please contact our support at , if you send them the file and describe the problem they will try to help you.

However in many cases the problem is the iPad’s memory limitation itself, too big files simply fill the memory and then we get a crash.

I had that problem in a relatively small project. I put it down to the thing I had asked Shapr to do had caused the file to be too large, I had to reproduce the project down to that last step, and find an alternate way to achieve it.

Saved snapshots are imperative on mission critical projects. Export to files would be a good idea! Oh and backup to another device or the cloud. Another device is better if you need to work with no internet. I make pretty good coin getting peoples files back. :wink: Backup Backup Backup!

Reminds me> The Projects panel in Shapr could use folders IMO. My projects panel is getting harder to navigate. Unruly.

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