App changes my work

The app changed my work
I have been working with this app for a long time
Now it has join to crap
No one answers questions
I crash all the time
And this is all with the best tech you can find for this app
Can someone fix this now
I am thinking about leaving and join a different CAD

You have 24 hours

Hey, I am sorry to hear that. We are happy to help. Can you describe what’s the problem?

It crash’s for no reason at all
It also changes my work when I leave the app for even a few minutes

You have 30 min

Hello are you still even looking
I need help

Yes, I do. Can you describe what’s the problem? Post a video of the issue? Steps to reproduce the crash? Share the problematic workspace in .shapr format?

Have up load trouble
But when I double tap to select a boide it crashes and the bodies are al mess up when I leave the app and enter back into it

One time it cut a bodie in half when I left to eat and came back to find it in 2 parts not 1 like how I left it

Can you post a video of the issue? Can you share the problematic workspace in .shapr format?

I suggest you save your work to the cloud, then delete the app and reinstall. The app does not do it own magical work. Or perhaps your iPad has an issue. The company is located in Europe, so if 30 minutes is your measure, then it may take longer. This is the first posting I’ve seen about your issue, so I don’t see where your questions haven’t been answered. The Shapr3D community is here to help as well, so let’s work this progressively, and professionally. McD

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Did that and it did not work after 1 day of working it went back to not working
And that is a lot of work to do everday

@Thisappsucks This is definitely user error and not the app.

Unfortunately without sharing a video of the issue and without the workspace, we won’t be able to help.

No because our people I know us it and they have the same problem plus I have been using this for many years and have perfected the app

It is not letting me up load a video on here but that my be me

Not fully true what you can not help because I have seen other post were you helped people how could not post videos

Now you should be able to post a video.

Please export and send the shaper 3-D format file
Then turn on recording on your iPad, open the app touch your work, and then close the app. Then open the app once again, so we can see what is happening. It is difficult to call you what’s wrong with just the text information.

Whenever you are confronted with being unable to upload a video here, or any other application, you simply create an iCloud link of the video and then paste that. To do this, you go to your photos and select a video. Then using the export arrow, touch that then use copy iCloud link.