Apple pencil press function does not work

I press the apple pencil on an object but i can’t see the yellow arrow to manipulate it.
iPad 12"
IOS 9.3.5
I already use iTunes on my PC to restore iPod to factory settings.

Have you tried to test the required force with the little bar next to the tutorial video? What happens if you do?

Does the pressure sensitivity work in other apps? Like in the notes app?

no response

Does the pressure sensitvity work in other apps? Like in the notes app?

Pressure sensitvity work in other apps is no problem. e.g SketchBook , 123D Design

Could you make a short video of touching the pressure bar with the pencil?

I went to the Apple Store to test other apple pencil. It was working properly.
So my apple pencil is broken. Not your problem. Thanks for your help.

AWESOME! Let me know if you have any issues, we are always happy to help.