If a IPad with a Compatible Pen (Other than apple)

Why do you need a “Apple” Pen to work on this or IPad that is “Compatible” for the Apple Pen. I have a pen that works on any touchscreen device. If you can provide the reason other than what the apple pen is Capable of then Thank you!

We chose the Apple Pencil as it’s the stylus that provided the level of accuracy and precision we will want to deliver the app with. Its pressure sensitive, with a great latency and palm rejection. Most of the other styluses are not pressure sensitive and this is a major requirement for creating models with Shapr3d.

The Apple Pencil is not a piece of plastic. It’s an active device. This means that the software can distinguish a touch from a Pencil, that is fundamental in order to deliver the user experience that Shapr3D is based on.

There are Pen’s that are also not Plastic and Better Senstivity Rather than just choosing a Pen that only works with SOME of the IPad’s, Thanks for Responding!

I guess , as apple pen need more money,
It can identify the target consumor,
as the people who use a compatible pen will not pay for App in a big probalility.

No, this is not the reason. It’s simply because the Apple Pencil is the only active stylus with a significant market share.

Ok, I chose to trust you.

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