Applying patterns

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any method to define patterns or textures that will be part of the output. An example would be a repeating hexagon pattern for some vertical walls. On my slicer I can force this output but only on bottom or top walls, not on vertical walls.

Since there may be fairly large surfaces, it would be a pain to have to manually draw a ton of hexagons and then push them through to create the holes especially on multiple models.

Hints or tips appreciated

That’s a function on the slicer. It takes care of infill. If you are looking for a example a honeycomb surface under a floor for weight reduction and strength you will have to create and extrude/cut it.

You can manually draw quarter ton of hexagons, select and then move+copy them 4 times. No pattern tools at this time.

That’s pretty much what I’d figured - was just hoping someone had a useful technique or shortcut to make it easier. Thanks!