Assembling Different Parts

Is it possible to assemble different parts. I use Creo 2, 3 and Pro Engineer Wildfire all versions.

Hi - we don’t have a specific assembly tool for this as of now.

What we do have is a set of tools that can help you, mainly Move/Rotate/Scale and Translate. With these you can move your shapes anywhere with precision.

Do you have an example video of this movement of parts to join and form an assembly?

Can you share a .shapr file where you want to create movement of parts?

Hi Gabor,

Thanks. No I do not have because I have not yet installed Shapr3D. To do this I have to buy a touch sensitive IPad.

I am a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience in CAD using Creo and Pro E software for complex parts and assemblies.

Can you recommend what brand of IPad is the best choice.


Javed Latif
Iowa, USA

Shapr3D only runs on iPad Pro, so you have 3 options when it comes to sizes:

  • 9.7" iPad Pro
  • 10.5" iPad Pro and
  • 12.9" iPad Pro.

Most users say that the 12.9" is the best for 3D modeling with Shapr3D. I myself use a 9.7", but that’s also pretty good and fits perfectly in my backpack.

It depends on if you want to carry it with yourself all the time, or just use irregularly at home. I reccomend you to try them out at an Apple Store and see which one fits your needs the best.

Thank you very much for the info.