Engineering & Piping

This is a quick share of what can be done with Shapr3D on MacOS and iPad


Very nice. Did you model every part or did you import them and assemble them with the Align tool?

Quite impressive! Did any one aspect favor iOS overMacOS?

I use a parts library for some of the items like valves and use the align tool to place them along with the flanges, the pipes are drawn to Australian Standards and ASME B16.9 Standards.

I originally come from the drawing board through AutoCAD ver 2.0 in 1985, RoboCAD, Inventor, Solidworks and Fusion 360 as a fully qualified Mechanical Designer

Would absolutely great if Shapr3D had a parts library


The iPad is great to whip up the concept in front of the client, The Mac has the horsepower for the full plant layout

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