Assembly & Drafting possible?

Hello Shapr3D team,

I’ve seen a video of Shapr3D. Very surprising !
I’m a hard user of SolidEdge and Catia but also a big user of iOS/OS X. I do not have an iPad Pro to test your app : Is it possible to make an assembly of different parts on Shapr3D ? Can we make a drawing/drafting of a part including quotations ?


Hello Lohez, welcome on the forum :slight_smile:
Currently we don’t support assemblies. What do you mean by quotations? Actually we are developing Shapr quite rapidly, and feature requests are welcome, so even if currently we don’t have the feature you need, we may going to have it in a few weeks/months.

Thank you for your response,

Does it mean that assemblies will come ?
In fact, what is the spirit of Shapr3D : Becoming a real CAD Solution (more or less, improved and upgraded along the time) or just an “easy-way” 3D modeling ?

By quotations, I mean 2D drafts of parts with lenghts, tolerances and so on !


Probably sooner or later we will add assemblies, because that’s a quite often requested feature, but I don’t know the time frame.

You can create 2d drafts easily, actually that’s one of the strengths of Shapr, but we don’t have manual tolerance control currently.

We like to think of Shapr as a solution between CAD and paper, but actually for many people it is a full 3d modeling solution. But currently we are focusing on 3d modeling, and won’t add rendering, CAM, etc. functionalities for a while.

Hi Istvan,

Congratulations for successfuly debut your product in the Apple Store!

Only one question,
Please confirm that I can be able to use the completete software
with Apple Pencil for sketching in Shapr3D in 9.7-inch iPad Pro as well.
( not only 12.9-inch iPad Pro! )

Thanks for your quick feedback,


Yes you can. The only requirement is Apple Pencil support.

I design and build furniture and currently use sketch up on the Mac. I would love to use an iPad Pro and the pencil to do my designs.

Assemblies would be key for me. I also would like the ability to add dimensions to a model to use as plans for construction.

Hi, I am not sure we mean the same thing by assemblies. Can you explain a little bit?
You can set exact values in Shapr if you mean this by dimensions.

In sketchup currently for example I would draw a leg for a table and make it a component. Then draw a table top and make it a component. I do this so if I want to tweak the leg design I can.

As far as dimensions I hair want a way to add a text label to the design that indicates a width or length.

We will soon have layers/groups that will do something very similar, so yes we will have this feature, actually very soon, currently we are working on that. (1-2 weeks maybe)

Currently you can not add dimensions but that’s a quite often requested feature, so I think we will add this soon.

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