Best 3D printer

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Recently bought Elegoo Neptune 4 Max ! I am very happy with it ! Thank you for your support!

Elegoo Orange Storm can print 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm. However, if you can print pieces instead and join them together I’d go with Bambu Labs.

I am planning to buy orange storm too ! When is going to launch?

just got an additional AMS for my X1C so now I can do 8 colour prints :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! I have been using my Elegoo Neptune 4 max for past couple of days and I have been loving it! There are no issues with the printer and works really well ! I just wanted to ask what is the difference in buying more expensive 3D printers like Prusa and Creality ?

For me, Prusa was one of the few who had decent bed leveling system at the time. After reading about the struggles of failed prints I went with Prusa. Have been upgrading and modding it ever since. It’s reliable.

Printers are getting better faster more reliable. I would have been skeptical of Elegoo for support reasons. Support is an important feature for me.

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Hey, I wanted to ask how the Elegoo is holding up? I have a need for a larger format printer for a few of my prints.

Creality is pretty bottom tier of 3d printing. Prusa is Mid tier for production machines. The main thing is quality of components. The majority of production printers will source components from only a few suppliers. There’s a reason the expensive ones are expensive.

Having designed and engineered dozens of upgrades for my printers over the years (including full printers), having quality components quickly adds up and makes a $300 printer cost $1,000.

Glad you haven’t had issues with the Neptune 4 Max, know a lot of people who have had major issues with them. Also glad you didn’t go with the Orange storm giga… MASSIVE failure on launch with them.

How big? and what’s the budget?

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It is doing great! I am loving the performance of the printer! The only issue I faced with it was layer shifting after power outage recovery! I have 2 elegoo Neptune 4 max printers now and they are doing very well !

The 400mm limit of the Neptune would suffice. I don’t care about the budget as long as it performs.

I have Bambu;s P1S and X1 Carbon, so I would want whatever I buy to be as reliable. I have the X1 set up to print CF and the other PLA, and they crank out prints flawlessly. I just need something over the 256mm limit.

Are you planning to do any CF printing? Or have you already?

No I haven’t tried it yet ! And I am not planning to print using carbon fiber in future ! I am planning to try lost pla casting so I am gonna stick around pla prints !

If your budgets the same ballpark, look into the Rat Rig Vcore4. It’s a kit, but same corexy system as the Bambus and only high speed fully enclosed 3d printer with the size profile necessary. All the larger fully enclosed printers will be kits for shipping reasons, if not you’re looking at freight pallet delivery haha

There’s a few companies that make “wax” filament for casting that melts out much easier and doesn’t leave carbon residue and occlusions.

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I looked at these before, and it still looks like availability is months away. But it isn’t urgent, and I’ll keep an eye on them.

Could you please provide a link for the wax filament ? And have you tried it before ?

Yea they more or less stopped making the Vcore3 and the Vcore4 was just released within the last week or so. So availability is limited while they fulfill pre-orders and ramp up. I’ve never heard bad things about them though. And from what I’ve seen of the 4 it’s way more over-built and capable as well as easier to assemble now that the wiring harness will come pre-terminated so just plug in instead of crimping connectors.

The only 2 I’ve heard decent reviews on are Machineaable Wax and Polymaker Polycast. I personally haven’t used either (no small forges around my parts for pouring, minimum pours are usually in the 10’s of thousands so not worth it currently) but I can speak to Polymakers quality since I use them almost exclusively for ABS/ASA. They’re also a global company so much easier to get. It’s not cheap, but it yields much better results. There are videos on youtube showing the difference vs PLA.

You’ll need to be able to print softer materials like TPU so direct drive extruder is recommended. But the temp settings are not very different to PLA so modifying a slicer profile shouldn’t take much tuning. Should be printed slow so it can settle, not a quick process since it doesn’t solidify the same as PLA does.

Hello everyone! Has anyone faced the problem of power outage while 3D printing? I know there is a power outage recovery option in the printers, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all,
And that is a very frustrating issue! I am planning to set up a UPS and lead acid batteries for power backup, but there is a 2-3 second delay in it . Will the printer still work after that?

Why the delay? UninteruptedPS … None of my printers wold cope with that gracefully.