Best way to widen a model that’s not scaling


I’m just starting to get into Shapr3D and I’m working on a table for the pizza oven I’m building. I’ve finished the model but realized it really should be about 2” wider. If I select everything and scale the model the legs scale as well and are no longer 4”x4”. Is there a graceful way grab the legs and sides and pull the model wider? I tried that, but the app said it could solve for the new model. I was thinking I could split the model, lengthen the stretchers, and then mirror it, but I haven’t figure out the graceful way to do that. Any tips appreciated!

Did you join the entire model with union? In any case, if you just want to scale the top for example, you could add a construction plane to the bottom face of the table. Split the model on that construction plane by going to tools, split body, select the top, then the construction plane. Once split, double tap the top body do select it, then apply your scale with scale percentages.

Another wat would be to extrude the table faces directly with the offset size, or offsetting the edges of the table, one inch on all sides (loop offset), then extruding to the thickness of the top, then selecting the resulting bodies and union them…