Bialetti, my coffee maker

A new learning exercise :grin:!


My parents still use this :smiley:

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Hello, I hope your parents use the stainless steel one and not the aluminium one, because aluminium and coffee don’t mix well (coffee oxidises aluminium).

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Of course :slight_smile:

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Hey, it’s the real thing!
Fantastic work. I’m also really glad to know I’m not a “weirdo” because I still use this model :rofl:

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Lovely work Marc. You’ve made remarkable progress in such a short time.

Thank for your feedback. I like this software. Its ergonomics are contemporary. My students (stylist designer) will like it. I would like to get our school out of the use of Rhino3d which is too heavy in terms of understanding. In 6 months I need to be up to top! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , at least for the basic exercises.

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Rhino definitely takes way too much time. Plus there are so many parameters, options, options within options, aliases, macros, shortcuts and stuff … :exploding_head:
It’s not “all bad” at all per se, but it’s quite heavy and the UI’s definitely not user-friendly.
I tried my best finding an engaging way to “make and maintain” students interested, not lowering their attention levels, but it’s all in vain. Even tweaking the UI layout by removing everything that’s not necessary didn’t cut it.
Sorry, I just had to get this out of my chest, and it allows me to point out “conceptual flaws” in traditional modeling software.
Shapr3D is a new paradigm in about every way, and the learning curve is a very quick one (it’s really easy to grasp, then to develop, and this forum is an incredible source of knowledge).
Still, I’m curious about how my forum fellows use their software, but it’s not a good idea to bring up “Rhino versus Shapr3D” techniques and uses here.
Just know that I’d be more than happy to share and discuss about workflow and uses. Anyone up for that? Just send me a PM! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Loki I tried Rhino around 2009 and found it very hard to use. I’d never used modelling software before but was very experienced with Photoshop and expected an easier ride with Rhino. I gave up on that and started learning Modo and Max and ZBrush at the same time. ZBrush was a hard one, but it allowed me to do just about any hard surface and organic project so I persevered with it and love it. The bridge to Keyshot was a great addition.
Nowadays I want to be able to do as much as I can on my iPad as I have limited time for hobby work. With Shapr3D, I can open it up on my iPad at the end of a journey and make progress on whatever project I’m on. Shapr is so easy to learn at any age and is rock solid reliable, and we have a great user base on the forum and plenty of support staff to help us when we are scratching our heads in puzzlement over something or other.

Agree 100%.
Rhino is much too heavy for modern uses. Well, it was born in the 1980’s and the kernel didn’t evolve/change, so I’m afraid there’s very few, if nothing to do against it.
Honestly, without plug-ins, it’s only a surface modeler.
I can’t say I hate it. Depends on what I have to do. For complex solids, it’s not a problem, but as for the rest … you know how it works.
A decade with Rhino, then later 3DS Max + Unreal Engine 3, 4, then a new incredible addition to my workflow as UE 5 ( being a gamer myself, albeit casual, I realized the incredible potential it has …but you have to be fluent in C++). It’s how I’m working. I also use Cadmio and Scaniverse for AR…
Whew. I know it sounds like an endless list, but I use what fits my needs. Since I’m coming from drawing and painting, and since Shapr3D is bridging the drawing to prototype/ manufacturing fathomless gap, goes without saying that I use and abuse it, even though I have to admit I don’t fully master it right now. Talk about being rock solid. It’s based on Siemens Parasolid, so that comes as no surprise!
3 P rule: Practice, Patience, Perseverance.
Congrats about ZBrush. It’s a tough one, but worth it indeed. If you’re a bit into art and creating your own textures and environments, I’d recommend Mandelbulb. It’s mostly for fractal, but it’s possible to use it in many other ways.
Ramble-rumble-tumble. Seems like I’m unable to write short posts!
In order To avoid any further clutter, we can go on via PM. If you want to develop, that is.