Body edge info & new Scale tool

Whenever I select an edge, the radius and diameter used to be shown at the bottom of the screen (only the area is shown now). Is that info available elsewhere?

Regarding the new Scale tool: how does one use the new ‘Copy’ badge while scaling a body?
Thanks and regards, Mike

Hi Mike -

after you scale the circle on the top, neither the bottom nor the top will remain a circle (technically speaking), they will become a spline. It is still a circle, but it’s not stored as one. Hope this makes sense. @Koko_Shapr3D can tell you a lot more about it :slight_smile:

As for scale - we put Copy there if you want to save the original as well. After copy it makes sense to move the “bigger” body

Make a circle of any dimension you like. Create a cylinder. Select either the top or bottom edge and only the area is shown at the bottom.

Sorry, I still don’t see how copy works using the new Scale tool. I scale a body and there is no copy. Can you show a simple video regarding this?

Thanks again, Mike

Hi Mike,

Please see attached pics about the diameter/radius. It works as you would expect before scale, and the circles become splines after scale. I’m using 3.24 . Please send a visual if you experience something different.

Must confess I thought it was getting the info from the Sketch but this proves that theory wrong:

Here is a video about Scale, hope it helps. Also please note that in case of edges, by mistake we offer the scale functionality. We will remove the copy function in the next release, as edge copying is not possible.

Hi Daniel,
All is good now…almost. Using copy with new Scale tool works fine- pilot error on my part. I get what you’re saying about scaling one face of a cylinder and it remains indeed a circle but is not stored as one which is why selecting the newly scaled edge will not display dia and radii info, correct? (Sorry for long sentence).

I did find a bug or anomaly though, which is why I initiated this thread.

The file consists of 2 circle sketches both of which were used to create cylinders and both were face scaled to create partial cones. Hide both bodies and create 2 new cylinders. The selected face on the right cylinder displays dia and radius. Deselect that edge and select the edge on the left hand cylinder. The dia and radius is NOT shown, hence my initial inquiry.

Thanks and regards, Mike

FaceScaledTest.shapr (428 KB)

Hi Mike - checked the file and it works for me. Can you please include a video of the problem

The larger dia circle/cylinder is the problem. This is the one I used initially to create the conical shape to help someone in another thread. After that is when I started this thread when I noticed dia & radius info missing. After your initial reply I added the 2nd smaller circle/cylinder of which all works correctly as you stated it should. I even restarted S3D and the anomaly is still there. Anyway here is a short video.

Regards, Mike (2.39 MB)

I just now uploaded this file as you did and all works correctly. I suspect my initial workspace for this would be file is perhaps a bit corrupt. I won’t pursue this any further as I am now convinced it is not a bug. Thanks Daniel.


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Thanks for the ‘full’ story, finishing off properly really does help.

In this case you have confirmed my thoughts regarding several of my .shapr Files that had to ‘jump across’ S3D Versions.
Sketches that had suddenly developed Locked Control Points that were set on resisting being Unlocked. I won in the end, but with several other minor glitches [in different Files] it was simpler to start afresh.

Glad, it worked out in the end :slight_smile: thanks for the videos and workspace