Bug? ... and request

Been away for some time now but as I’m here on my Surface Pro and working away I’ve seen a few bugs I never saw on my Ipad Pro.
First and most recent; Tapping the world icon/cube and then cross section it does not work unless I instead tap at the top(menu bar) the view icon and choose a view, then cross section. That way I got it to work/show cross section properly.

Then a request please. When I lay a construction plane I would love, like in Rhino3d, to see me for instance draw a line on that plane with reference to any Plane Intersection point I choose. In other words draw on plane with reference to any intersecting purple point in “3rd space” I click on. I hope that sounds clear enough and interesting.

Hi Svenito!

Thank you for pointing this bug out, let us investigate a bit further and find a solution for it.

We will investigate your request as well, but if you want an immediate workaround I can advice you to place a construction sketch snapping to the purple guide points and then you can use the construction geometry as reference. :slight_smile:

The bug is just that I have to deselect if menu is active, before using Cross section. - Sorry, it’s just different when using mouse in Windows instead of Ipad!

However, I’m still interested in using “depth” points from a current construction plane as reference when drawing on it. Stay on c-plane but rotating model to find and use “3rd space”/depth points with snap-lines locking in on those cross section points.