Trouble solving after update

Dear Shapr team,

Could you please help out?

I updated the latest version today (iPad) and things became unusual.

When I open one of my sketches at a first touch with the Apple pen I can point onto any line of a sketch so that i „activate“ it. So far so normal.

When I then go to the plain field, the sketch lines become thin and I can‘t touch them anymore. Also I am not able to draw lines etc.

Please tell me how I can get off of this orientating dots. They drive me crazy.

  1. How can I make the menu at the right side disappear? It wasn’t there before.

Many thanks!


Hi Jan,

A1. Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Would it be possible for you to attach the workspace or if you would like to keep your workspace private you can send it to our support team at

A2. The control points for the control spline can not be hidden. Some of the purple guide dots can be hidden by turning off ‘Guide Points’. This setting can be found under the magnet icon in the bottom right of your screen, but if these points are caused by a plane intersection they will not be hidden.

A3. It it not possible to hide the right menu when in sketch mode. This is the constraint menu and is always open when the sketch menu is open. If you close the sketch menu, this menu disappears.

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