Bug in fillet/chamfer?

I’m new to S3D so this is possibly pilot error. To get oriented to the program, I followed the video that made the “bracket”. During the construction of the base, it has a step where you select all 4 holes and then chamfer them together. I can select all 4 holes but there is no arrow to drag to chamfer them. I tries different views/zoom levels to no avail. This is on the iPad

Make sure you select only edges, or rim, of the holes. Do not select the inner hole surfaces.

One other note. If you have a sketch plane visible on the top surface where the holes are, you need to hide it otherwise you are selecting the sketch vs the hole edge.

I was thinking the same, it may have been a missed / accidentally selected inner face or sketch.

We have implemented the Chamfer/Fillet modal tool a few weeks ago, which can be found in the Tools menu, it might help too, as it only selects edges where it is a valid action.


Tried this again with a simple body with 4 holes cut in it. Can fillet all 4 1 time; then reselect all four holes and nothing will change. Ev en selecting 1 hole and trying to modify fillet won’t work