Bugs in sketch tool

Hallo Shapr3D Team

With the last version iPad 5.321.0.4865 came a few bugs into the Sketch tool.

  1. The endpoint has a offset to the grid in the sketch tool, when I close the sketch its fine, the bug is only by sketching, but for a easy way to sketch is a grid necessary.

  2. Sometimes a sketch from a new line shows only the start end endpoint.

  3. (iPad only) Doppelklick with the pen, on a sketch no longer takes me directly into sketchmode, very sad! that’s where shapr3D was faster than the other CAD. Now I have to put the pen down and double tap with my finger. Also quit the sketchmode with tap on blank space does not work with the pen anymore. Pleas fix this!!! Work directly with de pen is the great plus from shapr3D, pleas do not ruin this advantage.

thank you very much