Bye Catalina, Hello Big Sur

From beta version 3.59, Shapr3D for macOS will be compatible with macOS Big Sur only.

Photo credit: Apple newsroom

If you’re a Catalina user, please upgrade to Big Sur so you can keep enjoying new features and bug fixes. The intuitiveness and power of Big Sur make the latest OS Shapr3D’s powerful sidekick, guaranteeing the best possible designing experience for you.

But before you hit that Upgrade Now button, make sure you’ve backed up your Shapr3D designs to iCloud or any other cloud storage service. For more details, hop over to our Manual.


Why jump to only supporting a brand new OS from Apple?! Beta release has totally stopped my ability to work with Shapr3D on my Mac. The suggestion to upgrade isn’t looking at the big picture that sometimes we as the user community can’t just upgrade our Mac’s due to so, so many other reasons. For example, I can’t upgrade to Big Sur due to other non-compatible software plus I did upgrade and Big Sur really isn’t ready for prime time. Please re-think this move in your software development release. Typically, software support at least a couple past major releases from Apple such as supporting back to Mojave 10.14 or High Sierra 10.13. You had Catalina support and I would vote for it to come back please.

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Same here.
Big Sur is still not supported by a lot of audio companies so if you have anything to do with music production you are probably stuck on Catalina for a while.

Please take a look at this list to get a sense of the situation:

I posted in the wrong beta group to say the same thing. Is there a technical reason why Big Sur is required?

Hello @andrew, no worries :slight_smile: Yes there is a reason, please take a look at this thread:

Just because I have a late 2013 Imac, which ran fine, and works fine for all of my work with other programs, I have not now invest in a whole new Imac because only 2014 will upgrade to Big Sur, I am not able to upgrade to Big Sur now on my late 2013 model iMac…So I am screwed both ways, cannot no use shape on Imac, and cannot use Big Sur lol, not right…I hate to have to buy a whole new $2000 Machine just to use Shapr

A $599 iPad Air 4 plus $125 Apple Pencil 2 will do the trick.

I already have a iPad 12.9 pro, I never use it lol, but I do all of my designs on a bigger screen, loved the new iMac version of shapr…My desk fits mostly the PC, and not enough room for both…or it’s more unnatural, also the Imac version seemed easier for me to use when I was trying it out.