OS version query

I notice that it only runs with OS versions of Catalina or newer. There are many people who have no wish to move up from Mojave as it is a stable platform. Do you intend to make it Mojave compatible at all?

Hi, no. As a matter of fact initially we will probably support Big Sur only.

Is there a technical reason Istvan? I know that a lot of users are still having problems with Big Sur, and even with Catalina, and are unwilling to update. Mojave has proved to be very stable and there are no major reasons to update to what it still having issues.

Yes, the reason is purely technical. Shapr3D for mac is running on Catalyst, which is in a poor shape on Catalina, and not available on Mojave unfortunately. If we see significant demand for supporting older macOS versions, we will do it, but that would mean that we have to rewrite the UI from scratch, which does not sound like a reasonable investment, especially considering that most likely the M1 macs will gain very significant market share over the next couple of years. Another issue is that the performance of 3-4 years old macs are not even coming close to the performance of iPads (yes, seriously). So most likely we would have significant performance problems on those devices that are still on Mojave.


Yea ! Go iPads :smiley:

I figured it must be something like that. It’s a shame but I won’t be moving to Big Sur, or even Catalina until it performs as stably as Mojave. I took my MBP to Catalina and it broke several of my main programs and Catalina was even worse, so it looks like I will have to stay with the iPad.

I think updating a mac every 5-8 years is fine - except now. I would seriously consider investing in an Apple Silicon mac, either the current ones or the upcoming 16’ Macbook Pro. I’ve been using one for a couple of months now, and it’s amazing. Worth every cent.