CaDrawing and revision

Can I create drawings and print? Where to add tolerance? How can I control the revisions?

Currently you can’t do any of these, since Shapr is pretty young, but we are developing it rapidly, so probably you will have all of these features in a few months.

Can I expect Shapr3D to do the same as OnShape? I am thinking to transfer all my design from AutoCAD/Solidworks to a cloud CAD. OnShape is much more expensive compare to Shapr3D. However, it does have all features for a daily mechanical engineer user.

Currently Onshape has much more features than Shapr. Especially, if you are a Solidworks user, don’t expect all the features of Solidworks from Shapr, although we are rapidly adding new features to the app. And Shapr is not cloud based. It runs natively on the iPad Pro :slight_smile: However, by the end of the year, we will be much closer to be a full solution even for very advanced CAD users.

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Especially with this huge magical super secret thing: Something BIG is coming, and we can't wait to share it with you