Car Jaguar WiP

At this point Shapr3D crashes a lot and - there is a lot of details to add. Ehhh …Som pics on WIP


Wow this is INCREDIBLE!

Thank You . :slight_smile: Building a car is fun and the challenge at the same time - not much margin for mistakes with Shapr3D :wink: I learn a lot though.

sön 12 juni 2022 kl. 20:17 skrev Istvan via Shapr3D forums <>:

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Looks great! :heart_eyes:

You are probably reaching the limit of what your device can handle, it’s usually the memory that runs out with complex designs + visualization. Which device are you using?

Yes, I Think you are right. iPad Air with only 4GB RAM…
Simple designs are not fun :wink:

mån 13 juni 2022 kl. 13:33 skrev László Kóródi via Shapr3D forums <>:

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That’s excellent work Isa.

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