Centering a circle

Good evening, what is the easiest way to centre a circle in a rectangle. Thanks

Unfortunately there is not “snapp tracking” feature in this app but hopefully coming soon as the developers say so, but in the meantime I think the easiest and fastest way to do this is to draw the diagonal of the rectangle and then move the center of the circle to the intersection of diagonals.

You may find this vid useful also. In fact though there is not a snap tracking feature apparently accessible in the app but as can be seen in the vid below, it has it in a ghost manner! And it sticks to some certain points like ends and middles of lines or center of circle. The vid has 2 parts due to file volume limitations… .

@Chayanne Your approach here is the first approach I described, but see below how nice it is in Pages to translate objects with the aid of snap tracking

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