Delete edge?

Hey - New to Shapr, but am blown away. I hope to post a piece soon.

In the meanwhile, is it possible to delete edges?



Yes, use the delete tool to delete edges

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am able to use the delete tool to delete an edge if the edge is free floating (i.e. not part of a face/mesh). Selecting the delete tool and then clicking on one of a mesh’s edge deletes the entire mesh.

You can’t do that, because Shapr is a brep modeler, and not mesh based. It requires a different way of thinking compared to mesh modelers.

Oh yes, this has been quite a departure from my usual Max/Maya/Zbrush pipeline. :slight_smile:

To be clear; currently there is not a way to remove/collapse/, errant edge?

In the meanwhile this is an amazing app. I have been looking for a capable mobile or tablet modeler for some time. I’ve been modeling professionally for over 10 years and the interface on Shapr is genius. I have not got a decent night’s sleep since I downloaded it, as just can’t put it down. I am definitely along for the ride.


These are the kind of feedbacks why we love doing this :slight_smile:

No, you can’t do that that way but if you would explain a bit more what are you trying to achieve, we would figure out how to do that.

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I realized this morning after importing the file into max that in fact that this isn’t actually a standalone edge. It appears there are two extrudes next to each other. This model is my first concerted effort with Shapr, thus it is a bit ham fisted.

That said, the very bottom edge is a normal edge (no coplaner) faces. Any way to do away with it?


If they are separate bodies, apply a boolean union on yhem, it should do the job.

Hi Istvan, I have a similar problem. See the pisture. Dalibor

In general, you can’t. Currently there is no feature history in Shapr. However by smartly organizing your workspaces to groups, and creating duplocates of some objects in certain stages of the modeling process, you can easily remake parts.

If this is just a cylindrical hole, you can pull it to change it’s radius.

ok understand thank you

I have a similar problem but am unable to remove the lines. I can select them but cannot delete them. I’ve tried everything I can think of the only info I receive is to turn on single edge switch? I’m new to. Shapr3D but do have some auto cad knowledge.

Any suggestions?image

Can you share the workspace in.shapr format? We will look at the issue.

Here you go, thanks for your help


jib crane.shapr (1.1 MB)

Can’t delete either.

Did you create this in Shapr or imported it from somewhere else?

There is one “hack” to delete stuck elements like this. You can do it by regrouping elements and leaving only the items in a group you want to delete. Then delete the entire group. Like this:

Thank you very much, worked great.


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