Concentric circle bug


I discovered a small bug. I sketch on na imported STEP of a PCB to create a case. For the mounting tabs I want to create circles concentric to the holes in the PCB.

I attached images and a SHPR file, but the steps to reproduce are

  • sketch on plane
  • draw circle
  • select circle and circle on 3D shape
  • press concentric. Nothing seems to happen, but one notices that the radius marker is misaligned?!?
  • Klick the radius marker, adjust radius.
  • voila, you have two circles: the concentric one, and the old one

It’s a minor nuisance, but bug reports are good I guess :wink:

image image image

Just a short explanation: the images aren’t in the right order, the last two need swapping. I don’t want to muck up the links here. Thus I didn’t dare editing.

Hi, thanks for reporting. We’ve also discovered this bug, fix comes with next week’s update.