Concentric Ellipses

Hey folks,

I’m trying to create two concentric ellipses and would like them to be constrained to one another on both axis, with a separation of 4 inches all around.

What’s the best way to accomplish this?

Draw one eclipse to the size you want and then use the offset edge command to do the one inside or outside of the other

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@Ali3d thanks for the thought! I’d looked at that, but it seems like the path created by offset edge becomes (1) segmented and (2) is not constrained to it’s parent, both of which I’d prefer to avoid.

Example of (1) segmentation:

Example of (2):

I am maybe a little out of my depth or not fully understanding the problem.
I draw an ellipse using the ellipse tool, then apply an off set, I then see what you mean that it looks as if it is segmented but if you select the NEW ellipse it shows it as full. If you want to rotate the two together then just select both ellipses and then move and or rotate together.
Hopefully someone else may help solve your problem.