Conical Helix

it’s nothing amazing, i just wanted to share how i made it. I first made a cylinder, then add a plane offset from top face. afterwards, i chamfered top face to form a cone. Then, i drew a spiral on the plane and used to project tool to place it on the cone. finally, i added another plane, this time perpendicular to curve at point, drew a circle, then swept it along the projected lines. afterwards i removed the cone. Honestly, it would be nice if the revolve function had a tapering setting, or could be revolved along surfaces instead of just edges.


Thank you for sharing, it is much appreciated.
I second the request for this as a feature.

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Nice to see ingenuity. Thanks for sharing…



How diş you it

why can’t I wrap around the cylinder body with the commander command

Thanks a lot H0RR1BL3CPUfor sharing this.
I wonder if you could give more details for a bigger, for example, screenshots or a video of the different steps.

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The following is just one way of achieving these results:

Sketch a Circle and then Tools > Extrude > [top left] Set Extrusion Length > Set Draft Angle.

If help is needed with positioning the ‘Spring’ Profile refer to:

In the above you can follow a route to add the Construction Plane [CP]/Spring Profile at the end of the Projected Curve that will be created as suggested out below. Ensure that the CP type is Perpendicular to curve at a point.

Add > Construction Plane above the Cone and create a Spiral.
There are many ways of drawing a Spiral that can be created within S3D, a is your friend.

Tools > Project the Spiral onto the Face of the Cone.

Tools > Sweep the Spiral Profile up along the Spiral Curve.

The ‘starting position’ of the Profile has to be central on the Spiral Curve end, to enable provision of a ‘clean’ result.

If the Profile is positioned other than suggested above the following ScreenShot is a probable outcome. As can be seen during the progression up the Cone the ‘Spring’ cuts into the Cone. The version shown has occurred when the profile was moved away from the Cone.
Note the Projected Curve becomes part of the Cone Body, so it is not possible to hide the Body and complete the Sweep unencumbered by it becoming, on occasion, ‘buried’ in the Cone.
With the Cone hidden or deleted the ‘Spring’ looks fine.


Nice writeup. Thanks

Hallo Ansadek,

I ‘ll send you The file. It will not loft for more than 3 segments…

It’s a frame of an excisting boat.

I hope to get an answer from Shapr3D too.



Bootvorm.shapr (640 KB)

Hello Peter - just replied to your email a couple of hours ago.