Drawing spiral?

Hello everybody

How to Draw a Flat Spiral
I want to project this onto a cone to get a conical helix.
However, I can’t find any tools for a simple spiral.

Hi, @Nitro, we have a great thread on a similar design:

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question, I’m glad to further assist.

The cone and projecting is not a problem.
But how to draw a simple spiral, I can’t find a solution.

This thread might help you

Really, you have to draw the helix yourself?
I was looking for a tool in shapr3D to do this all the time.
This is probably the first CAD that does not offer a helix function.
I’ve been testing for a few days whether it’s worth buying the Pro version.
Thank you @MrJack88 for your answer and your video.

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Inkscape. Has a tool & It’s free too!

Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted to give it a try however it does not work on my iMac with the latest MacOS (11.1). FYI.

:point_up_2: My biggest grievance about Macs. They tend screw you over on backwards compatibility. Often.

Windows has always been great about getting old, ancient programs to work. I’m still running ancient Adobe products and other programs on an 10 YO laptop with win 10 on it. Try that with a 10 YO mac= NOPE! :point_down: My wake up and see what’s going on in the world machine. Got to love HP’s! (Their weakness? Display hinges. Note: I was fresh out of bailing wire!).

I’ll perform a 21 gun salute when she finally dies.

Come to think of it, some of the programs I still have on it are over 15 years old.

I will e in tears when it dies…