Copying a rectangular opening?

Duplicating a circular hole is easy using Move/rotate with ‘copy on’ as it’s straightforward to select the hole (just click on inner surface), but what about a rectangular hole? I cannot discover how to select it -shift-clicking on all the 4 inner faces doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks.

It works for rectangular holes. By chance, does the rect hole you are trying to move have a bottom? If so, select the bottom surface too.

Yes, it has a bottom, but the hole doesn’t copy with the Move/Rotate option even if I select all the 4 inner faces. That seems to be my problem. By the way, if I drag a selection around the whole thing it will move the hole but doesn’t leave a hole in the original place.

Select the bottom surface in addition to the 4 inner surfaces then do the copy move-rotate.

Thanks. Still doesn’t copy, but I have now made the hole into a body and this copies. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I created a new design and reproduced your example although sometimes it didn’t work, giving an error. I’ve just changed to using the Mac version as opposed to the iPad and it appears to be rather flakey. For instance it keeps flipping/zooming off to random places when clicking the right button which is most annoying! I didn’t have such problems with the iPad.

Modeling features are the exact same, the exact same code is running when you are copying a hole for example. On the other hand there is lot to polish in the mac version in other areas like navigation as you mentioned.