Copying and pasting from design design within the shape or application

Good afternoon All,
Hello everyone, it seems like it’s the rudimentary, small stuff that gets me jammed up from time to time. At times I need either an asset, object, part of an object, or an entire design with a file that I’ve created inside of the shaper application… Is there a fast convenient way to copy and paste in the another working design within shaper application?

Hi @Milk-Money , the easiest way is to export to .shapr format, save it in the files app, and then import it in the other workspace.

This works well and doesn’t need fixing, but I imagine a future where there are more organization options within the app for projects as well as a drop down menu option within the project where you can drag and drop from your parts folders directly.
Just to be more efficient and user friendly.

Yes, definitely something to improve.

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Thank you for the quick reply feedback is always helpful, proactive and educational.

There are some features that would be helpful if I could either learn how to perform them in your application or if they are not available to possibly have them included. I am unsure of how to proceed with such a request with your organization. I can provide images of drawings that will paint a much more clear picture than I would be able to describe if it helps. Thanks again.