Delete a face off a cube

I’m trying to delete a face off this cube, but it won’t let me and is giving me this error. Is there something I’m missing? Am I able to do this? I need a face to be removed for something I want to 3d print. Thanks!

You can’t delete a face. You can use shell:


You’ve no clue how much I appreciate this! Thank you! I’ve used other free more basic online apps in the past but wanted to try something new and just couldn’t get this figured out even with google. Have a good one!

I would like to give a very short explanation about why it didn’t work, since it could come up later during your journey.

Shapr3D is a solid modeling tool.

The reason it’s important is because in your first example, you would have created an invaid body, which has 0 thickness sides, while being an open geometry. This action would have generated a non-solid body, which is then not manufacturable.

This also means, for example that you won’t be able to subtract bodies in a way that would end up with 0 thickness faces either.

For a longer explanation, see the related Wiki article: