Designs gone

I created a fairly complex design in Shapr3D last year and today I needed it for a project I’m working on.

I launched Shapr and for my surprise it was stuck in an endless loop of “Get started” and the intro tutorial. (There is no way to skip the tutorial, is this some sort of joke, are you serious?)

After some reboots and keyboard bashing I managed somehow to get past that tutorial once and reach my design, but when I attempted to export it as OBJ it crashed and nothing was exported. Cool. I tried reinstalling it, there was an error in installation: “0x800706be: The remote procedure call failed” but it installed nonetheless, OK, whatever.

Here we go again completing that mandatory wonderful tutorial again. But this time, guess what? The design is gone!

I created a design but it doesn’t belong the user, it’s lost somewhere and I can access it. Fantastic, isn’t it?

If you wanted to create an overly complicated and user-unfriendly experience you succeeded.

Hey @lopan, we have the fix ready, please update to the latest version. Should your issue with missing designs persist for any reason, please open a support ticket, so we can dive into your specific case deeper and do everything to get them back. :hammer_and_wrench: